Atari Vcs 2600 Emulators?


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Jul 29, 2004
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Through Activision Anthology for GBA I just came in contact with Atari VCS 2600 roms. Many of them are just plain, simple fun to play (Barnstorming, Beamrider, Cosmic Commuter, Pitfall!, etc.)! I always thought with such simplistic graphics they couldn't be much fun but I was wrong.

Now I'd like to know about the two existing emulators for GP32. Which one is better? Is it worth downloading or is the emulator not very accurate?

Or - as those VCS-games fit pretty well on the - for other emulators often too low resolutioned - GBA-screen: is there a good VCS-emu for the GBA?

P.S. I already posted this in a thread in the "I need help"-section, but there aren't that much people looking around (I usually only look into the general and news - sections).
Just try them both, they arent big files or anything. Some games are playable and between the two you find some games work better in one or the other.
Okay, thanks for the replies! I'll try them after I completed Activision Anthology, which could last a while because of the sheer amount of 55 games...

If you wonder what I mean by "complete": for many of these games you can win so called "patches" if you beat a specific score. The games are in alphabetical order and at the moment I'm at Activision's "Dolphin" which is a very unique but also very recommendable experience! And hard to master.
I can totally recommend A.A. to all GBA-owners.

It's a pity there isn't a near-perfect VCS-emulator for GP32 like DrMD, Castaway and GPEngine are... :(
I remember that one of these 2600 emus are good for the games that do work. Demon Attack works full speed with sound. The problem is many games just don't work and/or are glitchy.
yeah it's a shame actually. the GP32 has a pretty hefty suite of emu's at this point and so many of the major historical systems are well-represented. the 2600, "ugly" as it is, definitely was one of the true landmarks in gaming and it would be wonderful to have a fleshed-out emu for this system. i doubt we'll see that ever happen.

there's plenty from that era though (atari 800, colecovision) that is still well worth checking out, mind you..
ralp99 posted on Sep 9 2005 at 06:33 PM said:
there's plenty from that era though (atari 800, colecovision) that is still well worth checking out, mind you..
But for those systems there seem to be very advanced emulators: "Atari 800 - Emulator" is rated 9/10 in ED's file archive and fCOL32 is rated 8/10.

I haven't tried them, though. I don't even know much about either of these systems. Is the Colecovision technicallly superior to Atari VCS?

Btw.: Since "f-Day is coming": Rlyeh, couldn't you just put a nice little fVCS-emulator in the package please? ;)
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yeah, colecovision (and atari 400/800) are definitely much ore advanced than the 2600/VCS. sorry if i was misleading, there are emulators for those systems that are very capable on GP32 (whew!)

i guess the thing about 2600 is that it is older, and it was more notorious/well known than the other two.. it had stranger games also.. and really, your heart kind of goes out to it since it was so technically strapped, even at the time, but they kept putting out loads of software for it anyway!! (which, even now, is notable) Yeah, there'll never be a system quite like it again...

in some ways, you could say similar things about the GP32..

BTW about an fVCS emulator.. despite how it seems, 2600 has always been a bitch of a system to emulate.. i wouldn't hold out any hope to see it tackled on GP32 more than it's been, unfortnautely. (uless someone gets very dedicated all of a sudden)
It's odd, but I awoke this morning with a desire to play Atari2600, but soon remember that there wasn't a suitable emulator for it available on the GP32. Kinda weird that I find this thread here, with others pining their woes.

I'm surprised a simple port was attempted. While not simple, it would maybe have been easier than scratch, but then again that is not always the case so lets skip the simple all together.

Another emulator I would like to see is a port of O2EM. I tracked downt he source code for it recently, and was thinking about taking a crack at it, but I just get sidetracked too easily and have too many RL issues.

Mmmmm.... fO2EM.

I would have liked to have Intellivision too. Both 2600 and Intellivision are from the same era, it would have been nice to have it too. I am not sure why this was never attempted. Maybe there are not enough old gamers around that remember these systems and can code too.
Yeah, the intellivision was really really great for it's day also... I loved Lock'n'Chase.

Tron Deadly Discs and Adventures of TRON were two of my favorites for the A2600, but only work on the PC Atari emulator.... WinStella.

I don't have any Intellivison roms or emulators, honestly. But a couple of the older games were really sweet on there.