Aquafish's Multifirmware V5

hate to say the readme file CAREFULLY before flashing your gp32.
that's the readme file...the clue's in the name.
I have to agree with reading the readme file in this case, even though I am a self-appointed activist against "RTFM" replies. I had to read the readme myself MANY times to get this firmware to work the way I wanted it to. While you CAN end up with a user-friendly interface, setting it up is NOT very intuitive ;)
What's everyone's experience of this? I just got my BLU and was thinking of flashing to it. I kind of like the new BLU firmware but really miss Windups. My ideal Firmware would be a choice of:

BLU Firmware
GP Cinema
Extra Choice from SMC

How does Aquafish v5 suit you all?