Anyone Built A Mame Box For The Gp2x Yet


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Jan 12, 2006
Hampshire, UK.
TV out quality is poor. If the GP2x could output RGB it would be miles better than only s-video or composite. You could make a smaller arcade system with a PSone system then - 5" screen, in great picture quality.

I have successfully connected a GBA system via RGB output into a PSone screen with a stable screen (updated project a lot since the pic on my sig was taken); making a case at the moment before putting all the bits together - if only the GP2x output in decent tv-out quality, it would be great, and would benefit from the work I have put into the GBA project (there are many cracking games on GBA). This would become a nice GP2x alternative if only RBG output was possible (640x480) - tv out on the GP2x is crap...