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Jun 28, 2006
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:huh: how about animated .gif compatability, I can make some awsome animated background gif's...
or add a script that makes the background into a slide show, it loads at boot up and with a .conf file you can set the directory of the pictures,timer & order of the pictures
or would it be possible to make a skin which you could just put a jpeg into or something that it would use as the background image. it would be fun to be able to use your own pictures for the background...
That could be very annoying after the novelty factor passes. There's a reason why none of today's operating systems offer this feature.

You can add your own PNG background images by downloading an existing skin, replacing the body.png files with your own, and installing the modified skin.

- Alex
There are programs that change the background after a given time (e.g. KDE multiple wallpapers), but I agree having them animated would be really annoying.
existing skin as in any skin that is on the archive...

Anyway, I think animated backgrounds are a waste of cpu cycles. Are you going to stare at your gp2x menu all the time or are you going to use it? If you animate a desktop background, that makes more sense.
Actually, animated backgrounds could be pretty nice..

For instance, Gp2xcc does it nicely ( on both the non-default themes (I forgot the names. But at least the two themes that are not named "Brushed") and it looks pretty nice (blending and all that)..
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