Android app grid .. alternates?


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Mar 11, 2003
Looking for an Android nerd ;)

I've got a Crazy Chinese Tablet (Ramos W10) -- pretty good hardware (a pandora in tablet form, really) with a modded Froyo (Android 2.2) on it; its rather 'hard' to upgrade to a later 'droid firmware -- can be done, but iot'd take me days of hacking to get it all sorted out (building my own firmware :) -- itw a much more obscure device than most.

So given an android 2.2 base (I've not the time to work on this firmware, got enough firmware hacking to do :) ..

My little girl has installed a few hundred kiddy games (for 3 year olds) .. so the grid is _damned full_. Its a vertical scrolling grid, that classic old sucky android launcher. I don't believe it has folders or any useful organization (!), beyond a 'desktop' you can drag apps to -- and my daughter is very clever, so it too is full of games and stuff.


Is there some way to get multiple grids? or an alternate launcher? or some organization technique?

I can't use the device, what with her violating it very violently ;) If I can organize it somehow, or filter to my own apps in an alternate launcher, it may be usable ;)

Any ideas?



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Jul 3, 2009
3 years old? How did sh- Oh yeah, I forgot the century...

Umm... I'm utterly clueless, and I take it you've already searched through all the system menus/options...

Get teach her C++? It's your best bet if you want CFW. Can't make any promises as to time, just promise her a tablet of her own :lol:

I wish I knew how, though. Maybe you should try... What's the name of that mobile/hacking oriented forum...

XKXD... No...


Will they be of assistance?