And your 2011 Game of the Year is...... discuss.


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Mar 11, 2003
I wrote up a blog blog entry with my per-genre list:

All the big name titles you might expect.. I didn't have time for the sidelines or indies (like Trine 2!)

But I would have to say my game of the year is Deus Ex: Human Revolution .. thogh I think Skyrim of course will take the sweeps. But everyone should play Portal 2, Deus Ex, and Skyrim, among others.

Damned fine gaming year we had!

It's got to be Mario Kart 7, for me, and it's going to last for a long time to come. :p
Minecraft is it for me. I've probably played well over 300 hours of it this year, but my mind is sure to change at Christmas time when I get Skyrim and MK7
I have only just started (well about 45 mins in) but uncharted 3 is pretty damn awesome for me so far also batman arkham city owns most.

Although most of my time playing anything this year is carcassone on ios not sure if it was released in 2011 or 2010 though
I'm living under a rock here, so my top 3 games this year are:

- Perl

- The Quest for Pandora with Get a Driver and Order Spare Parts addons

- Eschalon, book I

Seriously though, with that humble bundle tradition and Desura for Linux, where we have 5-6 new games a month this kind of questions might become relevant for me again. And seriously, Eschalon is a nice game, just 'old school' enough for me.
No mention of Saints Row 3? Or Assassins Creed Revelations?

A lot of people didn't seem to like Saints row 3 because you get everything pretty much from the start, bit sometimes you just want to use a predator drone on baseball bat wielding thugs. Also, the superpowered baddies were a bit strange addition, but, ya know, predator drone.
No mention of Forget-Me-Not either - although I did port to Pandora, it's certainly my game of the year, followed closely by Batman (AC) and then Skyrim :)

Well, I didn't played that much games 2011 but Minecraft is the game I've played the most, same like 2010 by the way. :)

The other game I've played 2011 was Duke Nukem 4 Ever but sadly I wouldn't call it Game of the Year, it was OK and not that bad like many people sayed but far away from my expectations.
Forget-Me-Not, Super Geometry Dust, and Word War VI are my top 3 for the year. All Pandora games, its the only place I play games.
Everyone's got their choices but I don't think anything can top Skyrim, it's got everything going for it. Deus Ex was my favourite game before that though, in fact it pretty much strode up to the 'Sugar_Kane's bestest games ever' section of my brain and kicked the door off its hinges
What kind of specs would you recommend for Skyrim? I'm buying a new pc in Feb as my current desktop has died and i can't wait till I've saved enough for a desktop replacement laptop.

Keep in mind I want to spend as little as possible on this machine...

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Everyone's got their choices but I don't think anything can top Skyrim, it's got everything going for it.
What kills Skyrim for me is that it is extremely shallow and repetitive, which is exactly the opposite of what you would expect from the title.

Everything in the game is without meaning. The stories are poorly written, your actions have no impact, your choices have no consequence, virtually every loot you find is worse than what you make yourself, you can't really do anything useful with money either, etc...

Surely, there are exceptions to each of these but overall the game is very bland. Though I have enjoyed the game for the most part, I would rate it decent at best.