Analog Joystick Canoo Vs Zodiac's

I don't have the zodiac, I can't judge. Just keep in mind that the Caanoo one is great! :D
Orion4874 said:
I would say the Caanoo's joystick is better. I've never had a problem with the Zodiac's stick but from what I've read they can break fairly easily.

How canoo's joystick works with analog controls in mame?

The two joysticks seems very similar.
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Never had a problem with my Zodiac analog, but my Caanoo analog got loose one day (was playing and it started rotating itself loose) and it started catching on the case and freaking me out... a quick clockwise tightening with my fingers solved this, so it became a moot point... all things considered I think I liked the feel and response of my zodiac joystick better, but the concave instead of the convex grip really helps to stay in control... So to answer your question I dunno...