A new niche for the P2 - as a specialist PMP


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May 28, 2003
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I've been mumbling about this for a while but I don't think I started a thread about it yet; so here it be:

Could the P2 add specialist media-playback hardware in the same way the the P1 has specialist (and pretty high quality) gaming controls?

My thoughts were that it would not require a huge rethink/design, while opening a new niche which is already prepared to spend large chunks of money on hardware.

I would add:

  • A line out connector
  • Digital Broadcast receiver (you can't watch HD digital TV on a smartphone while traveling)
  • Specific low power processors to further increase battery life
  • Large speakers if possible
  • Marketing/exposure as a media player

And also include (suggested before):

  • 5" matt screen
  • User assigned external buttons
  • Standardized Video-out

This would build on (already in the P1)

  • Very good sound quality
  • Ability to drive large headphones
  • Hardware volume control
  • Long battery life
  • Ability to play wide range of codecs
  • Expandable/swappable disks

Problems would be:

  • Increased cost >$40 (?)
  • Speakers - where to put them - is there enough room for good ones?
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I like this idea. From what I understand you can theoretically accomplish all of that with the pandora 1 using external devices and software. At the moment all of that, though being theoretically possible it is practically dificult to do because no such pnd exists for a tv reciever but you could install pandebian and fiddle about with debian packages.

My point being that having these things built internally would be a wonderful thing, especially considering that my next hope for emulation isnt going to happen (ps2). Plus having the pandora marketed as a multifaceted media/entertainment device could counteract the idea that we need to jump on the android bandwagon to make sales. The only other thing I would like to see is more focus on it's practical, non entertainment functionality. It is of course possible to do that now with programs like audacity, linux multimedia studio (come to think of it portable music production has gotten alot of help pnd wise) and you can of course grab a word processor or spread sheet program with pandebian or whatever someone has compiled into pnds. I would just like to see more of it.
Probably the only think in the original post that I would think is feasible are the external buttons, which I actually think would be a great idea is the layout and haptics were done right. Everything else would make the P2 even more expensive for a feature only a small number would even use, much less buy the system exclusively on the strength of.
Could a low powered, cheapish unit be made to contain expensive single-purpose hardware (3g chips, gps modules, whatever else) that could be tethered over bt?
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Im already using the Pandora as media player a lot. Sound quality is wonderful so I even use it as mp3 (actually flac.) player. Reminds me of the old walkman days xD Speakers could be better. 720p playback wont be a problem and HDMI is already pretty much standard. I can't think of anything to add except maybe a second audio jack? ; )