A Few Questions About Emus And Others Things


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Apr 19, 2008
CANADA, Montreal
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i try to buy all handheld console that i dont have. My gp2x F-100 is broken since some months and i want to buy the F-200 to replace it

1. Is the d-pad really better than F-100

2. Is the nes emulator have a option for fullscreen stretching ( i cant remember that, i play too often with my gp32nlu and gp32 has a nes full stretching option)

3. Which firmware is better , i heard that f-200 have problem with some emulators when using some firmware version.

4. IS there a way to make the difference of the 2 gp2x F-200 LCD SCREEN version. i heard that a newer edition come with a brighter lcd. it seem true when i look on youtube.

5. Is the gamegear emulator have Now a option for fullscreen stretching. it was something i was disappointed some months ago.

6. i had a gp32 blu some years ago. I want to buy another one to complete my collection. I want to know if the gp32 lcd screen was bright like the gp2x lcd screen. if not, how much brighter is the gp2x lcd screen VS the gp32 . IF YOU CAN TEST I WILL APPRECIATE IT. maybe i will not buy a blu if the backlight is not really good compared to gp2x. i already have a gp32 nlu and flu.

Thanks for answer.