GP32 16bpp Blitting Speed

Oankali posted on Dec 3 2004 at 02:16 PM said:
mr.spiv posted on Dec 3 2004 at 03:07 PM said:
If the moving (background) image is bigger than the visible are why not using the hardware scrolling capabilities of GP32?? That would like take few CPU cycles to move 640x480 image around...

Is it possible to use these capabilities in pure C? or do we need to code it in assembler?
And what is the bigest image size you could scroll that way?
I must admit I'm very interested in these type of tricks but I don't want to have to learn ARM for the moment.

Sure it is possible in C.. there some 2 years old example C source in my site, which moves 640x480 16bits background using hw scrolling.. mummu.c something.
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mATkEUpON posted on Dec 4 2004 at 04:06 PM said:
If I'm not mistaken the memcpy is directly written in asm, so it's obviously faster than any c routine. Your c code inside the loop can be reduced to one line, and it won't make the compiler use ldms, nor copy 32 bit chunks.
Again, I disagree, obviously faster is entirely dependant on the compiler and the asm it generates after optimisation. Codewarrior for example doesn't compile that function to use ldms, it generates the following:

MOV      r2,#0
LDRH     r3,[r1],#2
ADD      r2,r2,#1
CMP      r2,#0x12c00
STRH     r3,[r0],#2
BLT      {pc} - 0x10
MOV      pc,r14
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>Using this method I get 7fps
>gp_drawPixel16(px+xx,py+yy, (u16)canvas->data[doff++], framebuffer);

Calling a putpixel function for each pixel, that definitelly draws down the speed..

Also, I don't know how fast memcpy is but someone could easilly do a nice and smooth blitting function if he took care of memory allocations.

I think also, the GP32 just crashed when I tried to read from a struct I made with unalligned ints and words. What happens with writes? I hope I am not loosing speed with writes in my current codes cause I don't have an idea of how the compiler handles my variables allignment (If I had still crashes, I would know for sure but possibly this doesn't happen with writes. I haven't checked..) . This sucks ;P