128GB SDXC card


Feb 14, 2012
Hi all,

I recently came across an Extreme SanDisk 128GB SDXC card. (45MB/s !)

In windows, it won't let me format the whole thing as FAT32, and instead comes as exFAT.

I can however format it as NTFS

How is this going to work in the Pandora?

Will I need to partition the card into 4 32GB partitions for FAT32?

Can I get away with using NTFS somehow?

I still don't have my 1Ghz pandora yet. Just curious.
the pandora itself has a way to format SDXCs to FAT32

unfortunately i cannot remember the command to do so, it was a terminal operation but it's also been a while :p
Use gparted direct on the pandora, that should work.

You can make one fat32-partition, i use the Extreme Sandisk 64GB, works fine in the pandora.
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You can

  • Format it with NTFS, but you need to install the community-codec-pack (second SD-Card needed) before the Pandora is able to cope with that card
  • search for a tool that lets you Format your card to Fat32 in Windows
  • use a Gparted live CD to boot up a PC and format your card to Fat32
  • take a second SD-Card , install Gparted on it, and format your card directly in your Pandora
  • if your not terminal anxious you can try " mkfs -t vfat /dev/[sdcard]" [sdcard] is the device name of your card to format the card directly in your Pandora without the need of a second sdcard
dividing your card into several partitions is not needed in neither of these options
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Thanks for all the help. I wasn't expecting such quick responses!

I tried out the Windows GUI version of that fat32 format tool, but it didn't work and spat out a weird error message.

I'll hang about and wait for my Pandora to show, and try Gparted or the command line.

If the card is really resistant to FAT32, I'll go the NTFS route and help update the SD card compatibility chart.

In the meantime the jury is still out on this card.
I got a Platinum SDXC 64 GB Class 10 in Slot1. I'm quite sure to have formatted this card to Fat32 on a Win7 Ultimate 64Bit system. I turn off quick format, though, as this seems to have caused problems with SD-Cards and USB-Sticks some time ago.
Decided to try again on a different computer. I did a FAT32 format on the 128GB card in the SD-slot of a Windows 8 laptop with the FAT32 GUI format tools, and it works!

So all is well.

I'm drooling over the possibilities with this card once my pandy gets here.
Decided to try again on a different computer.
 That's what I had to do today as well. The cardreader at my desktop started eating SD-Cards and destroying data! :(

Had to re-format them on my Thinkpad, that works like a charm.

Glad that you got yours to work as well!