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    Software No sound in HHexen and HHeretic

    I am having sound issues with the HHexen & HHeretic pnd's from the site. The games run fine but there is no sound there is just some horrid noises randomly during gameplay. Can't figure out why because sound woeŕks fine in other applications like the super nintendo emu. This...
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    Character: Rock Howard v1.5

    My favorite character in SmashGP. He originally had sounds but not for all his moves, so I've added more and he sounds even better than before. Enjoy!
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    Character: Lloyd v1.5

    Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia for SmashGP, now with sounds
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    Character: Michael Jackson v1.5

    Michael Jackson with a new sound pack.
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    Character: Sonic the Hedgehog v1.5

    Made by MrPropre back in 2005, also as a resource on this site. I went ahead and updated the sounds with Sonic's voice so he talks now with some of the original sounds in the older version too.