1. Pyramancer

    RSS Feeds contain only (partial) first post in thread

    The forum RSS feeds don't seem to work. 1) When a thread is created, the RSS feed for the forum will only send the first few words in the post (instead of sending the full text, which would be preferable). 2) When a followup/reply is posted to an existing thread, the RSS feed for the forum...
  2. canseco

    Update Claws Mail

    Claws Mail Claws Mail is an email client (and news reader), based on GTK+, featuring quick response, graceful, and sophisticated interface, easy configuration, intuitive operation, Abundant features, Extensibility, Robustness and stability. Changelog - Latest stable...
  3. canseco

    Update RSS Guard 3.5.6

    RSS Guard 3.5.6 RSS Guard is simple (yet powerful) feed reader. It is able to fetch the most known feed formats, including RSS/RDF and ATOM. RSS Guard is developed on top of the [Qt library]( Changelog - Initial release. - Changed default configuration to fit...