1. FBnil

    4 eyes principle using tmux/screen. Share your xterm with somebody else. Collaborative Coding.

    If you work in IT and need to share your screen with a colleague, there are some options in most communication programs to share your screen. But the screen is compressed, and typing on an xterm really unreadable. Now to share your session, as seen in the link below, you not only can chgrp, but...
  2. FBnil

    Programming: Monads for the Rest of Us

    So, what are Monads exactly? Brush up your coding concepts with this article: Still thirsty for more? Watch Uncle Bob: Here are the slides of his presentation (Monads in Clojure): And the presentation itself: Not into Monads...
  3. V

    Pyra Electron / NW.js games

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster - does anyone know how Electron's ARM build performs on the OMAP? I'm mostly a JS guy, but I'd love to be able to develop for the Pyra.
  4. MikeDX


    I'm pleased to announce the first beta of DIV GAMES STUDIO for the Pandora. This is a fully working build that can compile and run games on the unit itself, with fully integrated IDE including code editor, graphics editor (works great with the stylus for pixel graphics) explosions generator...