open pandora

  1. V

    Pandora first batch for sale

    Hi i want to sell my open pandora first batch as i don't use it anymore and i don't want it laying there collecting dust. i never had a charger. My friend ordered our 2 pandora's at the same time and there was only one charger in the box so i always used my PSP2000 charger. There's a little...
  2. K

    Looking for Open Pandora 1ghz

    Anyone with a great condition open pandora that they're willing to sell ? I'm looking for a 1ghz version that hasn't been overlocked. Detailed pics would be nice. I'm aware that there's one one ebay, but the seller seems to be ignoring all the "make offers"
  3. F

    Software Kernel fails to load

    I’ve owned my Open Pandora for a while now and had the unit stored away for about a year with other handheld units, but when I went to play it recently the unit would tell me that the Kernel failed to load and I would need to reflash the unit. I reflashed the unit and it would work for a while...
  4. mmielke

    [SOLD] Rebirth Pandora to sell-Need to keep a roof over my head

    I am in dire straits..I lost my client due to my own health issues leading to being unable to complete our contract. With that being said, I have rent that is seriously overdue and my cable internet service was shut off. With that being said, all I have of value besides my desktop is my Rebirth...
  5. RollingHaro

    WTB Open Pandora 1GHz

    I've currently looking to buy an OpenPandora. I live in the US around the southwest area. If you have a working 1GHz version and are willing to part with it, please PM me. I haven't had much luck finding anything in the DragonBox store, and anything on ebay is either over-priced or gets...
  6. S

    WTB used Open Pandora, units in need of repair are wanted too!

    Hello all! I'm a newcomer to this forum and I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me. I am a little bit of a tinkerer and I was hoping that maybe someone had a Pandora system that was in need of repairs or otherwise not useful to the current owner. I haven't seen any new systems for...