1. T

    I need some help from a hardware hacker

    in relation to the amiga 500 and c64.
  2. Klumpen

    The Big Hack: Some Bloomberg article with a click-bait headline

    It had to happen at some point. Cyberwar with the country that produces nearly all the chips since everyone wanted stuff to be cheap for years, great. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-10-04/the-big-hack-how-china-used-a-tiny-chip-to-infiltrate-america-s-top-companies
  3. BrainSlugs83

    Pandora-like Keyboard case for Android Phone?

    Hey guys, I tried to do a little searching before posting this, but I'm coming up blank. I really love the keyboard and joystick layout of the official pandora case -- and I love my android phone. -- I want this keyboard / joystick for my android phone -- preferably in the form of a snap-on...