1. D

    EasyRPG game requests

    Starting a new thread for forum members to request any free RM2K and/or RM2K3 games that they are unable to find online. If any data hoarder has a copy of the requested game, they can help out a fellow Pandora owner. :) Requests can be answered by sending the game by private PM to the requestor...
  2. D

    EasyRPG games

    I'm starting a thread for members to share their favourite games. I'm doing this because, well, quite frankly most RPG Maker games are rubbish (IMHO) But if Pandora owners were to upload their favourite games to this thread, we would all benefit. Fun games recommended by fellow Pandora owners...
  3. ptitSeb

    FNA Games on ARM board (i.e. play FEZ, Stardew Valley, Bastion... on Odroid/OrangePI/RPi)

    I have published an article on ODroid magazine on how to run FNA games on Odroid boards. It's basically the method I used to publish PND of Stardew Valley or Hammerwatch on the Pandora, but generalized. I tried on many games, and most works. There are a few that still doesn't work (Transistor...
  4. el joker

    Twin Dragons - A brand new game for the NES [ KICKSTARTER ]

    END IN 9 HOURS Twin Dragons is a brand new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Help us bring it on a real cartridge for your console! INTRODUCTION Started in october 2016 and initially meant to be a platformer prototype for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Twin Dragons...
  5. fantomid

    Toulouse Game Show SpringBreak 2017

    Spring edition of the november event, this one is pretty small in comparison with the winter edition. But the guys you meet are the same. Some photos:
  6. V

    Pyra Exclusives and paid games

    This is mostly just an idle fantasy, but I've started work on a number of games over the years, and sometimes fantasize about finishing one as an indie exclusive/priority release to support some platform I'm fond of. I'm wondering, what would you think of someone went and did it. Would you pay...
  7. D

    New versions of Echo for Wiz and Caanoo (and PC)

    Hello there, long time no see (yeah, yeah, Sonic; your game is this that way, please): OK, so I was playing with my old Wiz when I thinked it was about time to put an end to my biggest project until now, and start making the game the way it meant to be. So, I took the code of "the amazing...
  8. 8bitDev

    OS (drivers)compatibility

    Hi guys,i don't mind having dual core CPU if its properly optimized .Now take a look at PSP(Playstation Portable)with 333Mhz CPU and quality of games provided on it.Now comparing to the PSP this(Pyra provided) hardware is more powerful,but compared to GPD Win seems that most people don't get how...
  9. MikeDX


    I'm pleased to announce the first beta of DIV GAMES STUDIO for the Pandora. This is a fully working build that can compile and run games on the unit itself, with fully integrated IDE including code editor, graphics editor (works great with the stylus for pixel graphics) explosions generator...
  10. blimpsgo180

    The Definitive List of Pandora Games (native games and ports)

    General Overview With the days of the Pandora winding down and the days of the Pyra winding... up(?), I've decided to create a definitive list of all the games that exist on the Pandora. I'm categorizing games as games that were either made for, or specifically ported to the Pandora. I do not...