1. Klumpen

    JavaME applications / Pre-Android games / PSPKVM

    www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/7wlbpz/ppsspp_with_pspkvm_running_100_older_mobile_games/ Well, is there a way to make that work natively without double emulation or is it possible to make some kind of trimmed down PPSSPP/PSPKVM package?
  2. K

    I'm Squeezing a Raspberry pi3 into a Neogeo Pocket

    So, I'm trying to squeeze a Raspberry pi 3 into a Neogeo Pocket. I know it wont be easy but I'm giving it a try. You can follow my progress or (preferably) collaborate on my Hackaday Page and contribute on my Patreon page as well https://hackaday.io/project/12751-neogeo-pi3 This one may sound...
  3. zomg

    Sega Saturn DRM has been cracked - article in post

  4. PowerGod

    [WIP] Advance Projects and ROM management guide

    == WORK IN PROGRESS == I'm trying to create a complete guide, easy to read but very explanatory, to describe how to use and manage ROM SETS for MAME-like emulators, but also I want to point out why you have to do this type of things. I never found a guide like this, I just found little guides...