1. sebt3

    Pyra pyra-debian-cross

    Hello there, So compiling on the pyra works well, but for larger project at some point a cross-compiling toolchain will be usefull. This is my attempt. Sources are : It is based on debian and heavyly depend on debian. but any version (from...
  2. quadcricket

    Software Update wiki for cross-compiling

    I am trying to setup a cross-compiler on my debian installation. I tried a couple of methods form the Pandora wiki but they seem to lead to broken links and dead ends. Is there a way to get the tutorials updated? If not I could use some guidance in how to grab CodeBench and use that. I'm not...
  3. ssokolow

    Pandora How to cross-compile Rust programs

    Since it took a bit of googling to piece together how to set up a Pandora-targeting Rust cross-compiler, I thought I'd share these instructions here in case they save someone else some time. Step 0: Set up one of the C cross-compilers from (I'm using...
  4. RodrigoCard

    Pandora Toolchain for Mac OS X?

    I was wondering if there is any OpenPandora cross-compiler toolchain available for Mac OS X.... Is there? Thank you