1. fantomid

    Wireframe magazine

    Who will find the community member answering question in this article ? ;) I got issues from this magazine, pretty interesting.
  2. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine - Time to think about catching attention

    I am searching for some catch phrases to present all the people involved here. The first part of the advert will get phrases like: Passion for retrogaming Talented community The Open Source mouvement Two handhelds like a way, a conclusion of the first three sentences Then you will find a...
  3. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine

    Hello there, I got contacts to have one A4 page of communication about the community, the Pandora and the Pyra. The magazine Retroplaying will be release in France end of october. The main idea is to have two parts: On top the Pandora, with the text "TODAY" and some informations regarding the...
  4. fantomid

    Coverage in French events (2016 and 2017)

    In 2016, we may be in 2 events in Toulouse: Capitole du Libre, in november Toulouse Game Show, in november In 2017, some proposals: JDLL, in april (Lyon) - Free software Stunfest, in may (Rennes) - Video games / Retrogaming RMLL, in July (Saint-Etienne) - Free software Capitole du Libre...
  5. fantomid

    Promote community and devices

    What are the main events we have to be to promote all the works done here ? In France, we managed to be in FOSS events in Toulouse, Montpellier and Lyon in the previous years. I have to send the application file to be at the videogames event in Toulouse, TGS, this year again. Gamescom in August...