1. ouzle

    Bricking and Un-bricking the Pyra (Shorting VSYS to GND => Blue smoke)

    In case its of help to someone, here's how I let the blue smoke out of my Pyra and put it back in again. The schematics and datasheets being open source means I can write up the experience from the now repaired Pyra. As you may have read, I've been adding heatsinks and cold fingers to my Pyra...
  2. Hekel

    GP2X F300 Boot problem

    Hey There, i recently buyed a GP2X F300 (voca master). It worked very well for about 2 days but since this morning the Device freezes at the gp2x f300 logo screen. Normaly there would start a Loading screen which never starts. Reflash the firmware didnt worked as it freezes again at the Logo...