1. FBnil

    Release Ansible 2.9.0 (Portable-Ansible v0.4.0)

    It has been one week sinds I packaged Ansible 2.8.5 and now that I look, 2.9.1 came out 4 days ago. Ansible development really goes fast. Grab it from the OpenPandora Software Repository. Changes: I have included a playbook that reduces the header sizes from 80 columns back to our 78 on the...
  2. FBnil

    [SOFTWARE] Portable-Ansible on Pandora (instructions)

    We have Python on the Pandora, that means that we can run Ansible on top of it. You can grab the PND from the repo: 2019-10-10 Version: : First upload to the Repo. 2019-11-17 Version: Upgraded Ansible from 2.8.5 to 2.9.0...