1. bugmenot

    Has anyone tried installing TwisterOS yet? It's basically one of the best RPi Operating Systems/Distros for a while now. I'm willing to bet that it can work on both the Pandora, and the Pyra... Has anyone tried installing the 32-bit, or the Armbian, version yet?
  2. foft

    68K hybrid emulation

    Hello! Its a long time since I've been on the Pandora forums! Back in the day I ported the atari800 emulator and gemrb and stuff. Anyway I'm now mostly playing with FPGAs. I recently tried to add Amiga hybrid emulation to the MiSTer. This is when we use the FPGA for the main system hardware...
  3. ptitSeb

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    Box86 is a Linux Userspace x86 Emulator with a twist: unlike other solution, this one doesn't need a full chroot environnement to works. The software is very young, so it's still full of bugs and incomplete (or missing) features. What you do with for now: Launch a few Linux games (including...
  4. Chip

    Gameshell - Modular, "open", gaming handheld (kickstarter)

    This is an interesting take on the whole gameboy-zero modding thing. Instead of hacking up an old gameboy, this is a complete system (roughly the size and shape of an original gameboy) that can be assembled without tools. The case, display, motherboard, battery, controller, and speakers are...
  5. FBnil

    It is happening: 10 nanometer Chip technology is here

    disclaimer: The power consumption comes mostly from the screen background leds. So, in 2014 ARM released the A15 (28mn) technology. Which was available one year later to non-insiders. Look at the power reduction... And now, in 2017 Artemis arrives on 10nm, and look at the sustainable burst...
  6. V

    ARM and GPU extensibility

    I recently found out that there are ARM SoCs that have some PCIe lanes, which surprised me. If that's true, I'm surprised nobody's tried to use this, especially in the hardcore Free Software spaces: For x86 PCs, we have good free GPU drivers for old Nvidia cards, but can't use modern CPUs due to...
  7. Mikelle02

    Pandora Programming for the Pandora/Pyra

    Hi, I just wanted to know if it's there a way to make something for the Pandora/Pyra under x86 Windows platform. I'm using Code::Blocks , DevC++ , Monodevelop , Enigma , Game Maker 8.1. What IDE do you suggest to use ? Is there a pnd builder ? How can I package everything ?
  8. Linux-SWAT

    AMD ARM 64bit CPU motherboard Should kick ass.