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    Where Is My £200 Handheld?

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    Anyone Else Here Losing Interest?

    I got an eee PC 1002HA for my birthday. Removed winblows and now fighting with ASUS for my M$ tax refund.
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    Face-off: Pandora Vs. Wiz Release Date, Round 2!

    I've been here for a while. GPH has no credibility with me.
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    Reordering Update

    The international wire fee for my bank is $30, a 10% surcharge :/ Going on the compensation point in Craig's OP, if GBAX could throw in one of the high-margin accessories (case? t-shirt?), that could probably tip me over.
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    Post Here When Your Refund Clears

    Where is this stated? I thought you'd have to pay 200 GBP again, not the exact refund amount in <insert local currency here>.
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    The Pandora's Audience

    I was going to buy a GP2X but there was all that kerfuffle about the 1.4 firmware and I never got round to it.
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    All Refunds Not Sent Yet

    Just saw my refund in my bank account, $53 forex loss so far from paying in weak USD for my preorder and being repaid in weak GBP. Still no email though.
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    All Refunds Not Sent Yet

    You can at the very least find out the name of the bank by calling up your own and asking about the source of the refund money.
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    Should The Pandora Become An Ubuntu Partner?

    There's an official PR guy? Does this mean regular updates henceforth?
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    Wiz Update

    Doubtful, the menu was one of the first things the community replaced for the GP2X. GPH simply does not understand what the majority of their Western customers want out of the device and keep emphasizing under- or non-utilized functionality (eBooks, Organizer) in their UI.
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    Sales Emailed twice, still no response

    Got a reply to my email of yesterday and shipping address amended. Still no refund email so I'm hoping that's all good
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    Sales Emailed twice, still no response

    Thanks gerd. Dunno if I even have that email anymore, I'll try the PM.
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    Sales Emailed twice, still no response

    Hey all, I ordered a Pandora and case from GBAX the day after pre-orders opened. I live in America and paid with my credit card, and I wanted to change to shipping address to have it delivered at work instead of at home. I've emailed both and
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    To Everyone Who At This Time Preordered One

    If it makes you feel better, I haven't had a reply to my request to change the shipping address, so I may not get mine!
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    Will You Be Disappointed If The Pandora Is Not Perfect In Every Way?

    My new #1 reason to wish for an early Pan release is so that we don't have these kinds of threads any more.
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    Windows Based Next Gen Pandora?

    No, I would never buy such a thing, not least because Windows is ass.
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    15th Preorder Confirmed?

    Businesses operate on weekdays, not weekends?
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    15th Preorder Confirmed?

    No, I was just unclear in my reply, haha. Elaborated, I read the Wiz story on /., dismissed it out of hand because 1) GPH is run by business-allergic aliens from the planet "Ignoreusers" 2) *2* Dpads? What the hell? But then I dug into the comments, like I usually do for laughs, and there was...
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    15th Preorder Confirmed?

    So, uhh, I never did actually get around to buying a GP2X after registering a while back, mainly because of GPH's seemingly near-total inability to get with the program, but after reading the Slashdot story about the Wiz and finding out in the comments that the community was going to do it's own...