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    I'm Thinking Of Buying A Caanoo

    I am using a class 10 32gig MSD with adapter in mine with no problems. Not having to ever swap cards is huge. You can charge while you play, either to your computer usb or a wall adapter.
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    Love The Caanoo

    I have been in the emu scene for years. Built my own Mame from an old jungle king. For console emu I have tried Dell Axim pda (garbage), GBA sp with flash cart, xbox, android tablet, and now the Caanoo. The caanoo is hands down the BEST! The main reason it is superior to even my Asus Transformer...
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    A Proposition For The Current Caanoo Emulation Scene

    Sad to read as I just received mine as well. Luckily the majority of the emus work great for my needs. I wish Mame had more current rom support but I know that is asking a lot. I would be willing to support as well but I'm sure it would not be worth it given the man hours to dev stuff.
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    How To Run C64/vic Games . . .

    No luck here. I have montezuma.d64 tried with and w/o 1541 emulation. It seems to load but sits at a black screen after that. Maybe this game is not supported?
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    Category For Favorite Roms

    Some of the emulators support folders. You have a folder called "favorites", for example. I know the Gpsp for gba does.
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    How To Run C64/vic Games . . .

    I'm not sure either but would love to know. There was no readme with my Frodo. I hit "load program/mount disk" and selected the montezumasrevenge.p00 , then selected load first program. Get the familiar Load "*",8,1 but it never actually runs.
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    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R12

    Can anyone put this on a mirror download? For some reason I have problems downloading from the dev's site. Every time I download I get varying file size but it is not the complete file. This is a great emulator and far better than PCSX4ALL. I can actually play Megaman Legends, Diablo, Spyro,etc...