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    F200 Fw4.1.0 Sound Issues: Pocketsnes, Gpfce

    Hey all, I'm suffering from sound-so-low-you-can-barely-hear-it when running PocketSnes643 and GPFCE v0.4, I'm fairly sure this problem started with firmware 4.1.0, anybody else getting this? Haven't noticed it with any other software yet. Have set volume to 100, both in the emulator and via...
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    Touch Screen X-y Swapped?

    I'm getting the same thing, new F200 owner, came shipped with 4.0.2 and a seemingly backwards touch screen. At least 4.1.0 has fixed some of the other compatability issues, REminiscence works now :) I'm no coder, but couldn't a small app be written to stay in memory and swap the x and y axis over?