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  1. gpb

    Pyrainput (FunKeyMonkey plugin + pyrainputctl) design

    What about having a special game profile slot: Profile.1 Profile.2 ... on start the Game Sets Auto to its own profile and the user can just run his key combo to select the auto slot.
  2. gpb

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    Why not just USB-C on the outside? So you could select between special mobile pyra Port multiplier and existing usb-c dock. The usb-c port with hdmi on my gpd micropc is something I really miss on the pyra. Because with 20 pin usb-c magnet adapter I come to my desk and the cable literally...
  3. gpb

    GPD MicroPC

    Press <del> or <esc> to enter Setup, Press <f7> for boot menu
  4. gpb

    Preparing for a Prototype

    Just my 2cent onthe risky dd of=/dev/sdX: Take a look into /dev/disk/by-id/ on my systems usb and sdcards are pretty often easy to spot there. USB-xyz.... Years ago I did the dmesg trick, too. But fingers are to fast and sometimes I dd‘ed the wrong disk;-). Never happened again after I learned...
  5. gpb

    Contributing to PyraOS

    @ToastBucket I think it’s a pretty good idea to have an automated build system for the firmware, which ED is shipping. I think ultimately we all (you, hns and all of our community) have the same goal: full mainline u-Boot and Linux support for Pyra. First step is a build System. Next step would...
  6. gpb

    A certain rarity...

    Record a video
  7. gpb

    The Future of Pyra's CPU

    What's wrong with the Pyra mainboard? Why don't just get a second one for your old CPU board?
  8. gpb

    Test the keymat!

    According to the Trackingid the Pyra should have arrived on Tuesday.
  9. gpb

    Test the keymat!

    10-finger-writing on Pyra confirmed! Yesterday, the hiking Pyra arrived Bielefeld and today I got her from the postal office. I don't own a Pandora and never have seen one in real life, so this was my first contact with this form factor and what should I say? Yes, she looks a little thick...
  10. gpb

    How does the Pyra install the OS?

    This guide should work for us pyrates, too: They don't use u-boot, but it should only change the location to place the kernel command line. Repartion the rootfs on eMMC might be a little bit more complicate, but you can do that live...
  11. gpb

    Modularity and memory

    Compiling would automatically benefit from a larger filesystem cache. You could even speed up more if you use /dev/shm [1] [1]
  12. gpb

    Quite a bit for you to read!

    In my opinion the eMMC issue is not as bad as it looks. In the contrary, it shows some of the advantages of the pyra and this community. Sure, we are all perfectionists and want the maximum out of our pyra. But I'm pretty sure you find nearly 569 other enthusiasts, who are okay with 96Mbps...
  13. gpb

    We've started to order things!

    I agree on the second part. But in my opinion we reached that point of no return on Sunday at 9:52 PM.
  14. gpb

    We've started to order things!

    It's futile:'t_feed_the_Troll
  15. gpb

    We've started to order things!

    Hi ED, I just want to join @Kippykip, @zacharycramer00 and all the other constructive community members in expressing my confidence in you and your team. I am only a little worried, you are distracted from your important work by mad questions. Please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time...
  16. gpb

    Your favorite game intros

  17. gpb

    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    We might be lucky and the pyra adapter will fix this issue for us, or we find some 6Gbps devices which work well with the OMAP5.
  18. gpb

    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    Unfortunately it's even worse, if I read the chip errata[1] correctly: "i859: SATA 6-Gbps to 3-Gbps Negotiation Can Fail". Which means you can run in trouble, when you try to use 6Gpbs devices on your Pyras eSATA port. However I don't expect many use cases are touched by this...