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    Other Open Source Handhelds?

    While most of the communities are based around android, most of them are just modders, custom themers etc etc. Theres not usually a lot of people who actually try developing or whatever for the system. Here on the other hand, I can quite a few people here owning an iphone/android and could get...
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    Other Open Source Handhelds?

    So I haven't been here in ages, I gave up on the wiz, between the lame releases, the lack of a following, the lack of attention from Game Park and them already releasing a new product before the other one got any of a following. I looked at the other open source handhelds and then I looked down...
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    Lets Request To Have An Invisibleshield Made

    wow what the hell did they do! They used to custom make them for whatever you wanted. All you have to do was send in the dimensions your wanted and they'd cut it for you for like 5 bucks extra.
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    Wiz Designs By Kasumi89 With Paint^^

    now if they actually came in such a horrible looking....look, I'd effing buy one.
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    wow, I've been gone for like...6 months and there still isn't a more recent firmware update than 1.1?
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    Currently Gaming Thread

    But it does! Jack Thompson saids so!
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    Currently Gaming Thread

    i really don't have a social life......i don't like talking to people who are ignorant which...sadly is about 90% of my city.
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    Currently Gaming Thread

    Doesnt seem to be many PC gamers here :\ lol Just finished Batman Arkham Assylum a week ago, god that was an amazing game. Currently playing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (and I just ordered an ATI Radeon HD 5850 :) Once I get the new card I'm going ot start playing the game "Risen" as it's...
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    Good Old Games

    I actually DONT know anyone who has played it disliked it.
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    Good Old Games

    thatd be fucking insane, I've got most of interplays titles :), LOOOOVE Giants: citizen kabuto
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    Do Not Order Wiz From

    update of an update, consolesource held their end of the deal :) Woke up and saw a box with my name sitting on the table and just assumed it was a box my mom snagged to ship her sister stuff like normal, but this one looked different, looked at the shipper and said canada, who the fuck is in...
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    Swapping Sd Cards

    its happened since the first firmware, I've got a thread about it somewhere.
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    Good Old Games

    So inspired by the worst game ever thread, I Thought I would post this link. No this is not me trying to advertise...sorta, more like making everyone aware of it who might find it useful. Good Old Games is owned by the developers of "The Witcher" game that came...
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    Installation System / Game Marketplace?

    exactly what I was thinking, guess everyone is uptight atm over the ignorant first post. at OP: You sure are demanding a lot considering everyone here is working on the software for FREE to begin with. You want something fancy and pretty with bells and whistles, start putting your money where...
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    I Hate Ebay

    stick to amazon
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    GP2X The (Maybe) First Gp2X Wiz Cradle ;o)

    well Im not good at doing this sorta thing by myself but I would def pay for one.
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    GP2X The (Maybe) First Gp2X Wiz Cradle ;o)

    man I'm falling in love with you. So once this whole idea is done and ready, do you have plans on making it an actual product or are you going to give instructions on how to build it :|
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    Wiz Carry Case Recommendations

    speaking of razor, The computer company Razer (mice, keyboards etc) always sends a carrying case for their razer mice, it would work perfectly, I've had like 3 of them so far.
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    Unofficial Bebo Group

    most people haven't heard of bepo and you want to use it to gain an audience? mmmmm ok
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    Wiz Carry Case Recommendations

    while it can protect the wiz if dropped, you can still play it with it attached to the wiz