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    Did I Brick My Gp2X?

    I decided to try out my F100 GP2X after a couple years and this is what happens. I get the "Welcome" screen with the start-up sound then I get the "Starting up" screen. After that it just just shows a black screen... I put the extracted 3.0 firmware on the SD card but the screen asking to...
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    Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

    To quote Dcemulation: "Eight years ago today, many American Sega fans were in tents camping out for the western release of the most powerful gaming console to date. The console would sell out, creating shortages for Sega, who would make one-hundred million dollars from sales in the first two...
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    Kana had me in tears at the end. I would love to see Kana remade with a more toned down version of those scenes ;)
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    Gp2x Writeup On Digg - Take Two

    Dugg - 924
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    Is It Time

    Segasaturn Shiro! by Segata Sanshiro The solitary man who devoted his soul to the way of games Today, he comes again He will punish those who do not play seriously Their battered bodies will never forget! [chorus] Segata Sanshiro, Segata Sanshiro! Sega Saturn... shiro! They play tennis, sing...
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    Is It Time

    I really wish someone would close this topic or atleast move it to off topic.
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    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

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    Sony Press Conference

    For the European launch it is: €499 or $636 for the 20gb version €599 or $765 for the 60gb version Even though those prices include VAT, that is ridiculous.
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    Bad News For The Sega Dreamcast

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    Gba Emulation... Dont Worry Not What You Think :)

    In addition to cool herders... 2/16/06 - Radilgy 3/23/06 - Under Defeat Dreamcast will never die ;)
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    3v Or 3.3v Power Supply

    Here is that topic: Latest Firmware Current Consumption
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    Gp2xpsx Screenshots (new)

    double post...
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    Gp2xpsx Screenshots (new)

    I have no problem getting in-game.
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    Gp2xpsx Screenshots (new)

    from GP2PSX wiki: It is a lot more playable for me, but still on the slow side though. I get anywhere betweeen 5-15fps @fs0.
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    Which System Should I Port An Emu For?

    He has a general idea of what he should port so please just lock the thread. Nothing much of any good can come from the continuation of this thread.
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    Gp2psx V0.34

    I don't have that problem and mine is uncompressed.
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    Which System Should I Port An Emu For?

    Agreed. Some certain people of high authority should have stopped it a while back instead of adding more wood to the fire.
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    Which System Should I Port An Emu For?

    After consulting my friend about the matter, he pointed me to this: google fight: dave c vs devers
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    Retro Research - Sega

    This is topic has what you are looking for: G4 Icons: Dreamcast This site would also help you out immensely ;)