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    New Open Source Handheld

    if it runs android and has the 1ghz cortex A8 processor AND (and that's a big and) is at the dingoo price range, then i am DEFINITELY interested!
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    Looking For Cheap All-In-One Handheld

    I say get a used psp or ds. They are almost at the end of their lifespans, so they should be quite cheap. I think that just at gamestop, the original DS is 50 bucks, and the original psp (no reason to buy the upgrades they are just harder to install custom firmware on) is 90 dollars. But i'm...
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    Your Opinions

    kyocera echo this phone/tablet looks wicked cool. at first i thought it would be great for gaming, but then i read up on it a bit, and (in order to save 4$) kyocera went with the original snapdragon (86xx, it's found in the nexus one) that has the useless adreno 200 GPU. I don't know how they...
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    Cfw M33-6 Psp 1001

    OK, mine has 2 more games, box, and (soft) case. Screen cover, really? those things cost 99cents for a three-pack, come-on...
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    Onlive Micro Console, Homebrew Potential?

    interesting idea, maybe you could stream from the pc to the MicroConsole (counterstrike!)
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    Cfw M33-6 Psp 1001

    I have a black psp 1001 running Custom Firmware 5.00 m33-6. It is in good condition with only a few small scratches on the back, it includes a case, wall charging cord, pandora battery, "the simpsons game," "madden 09," and "FIFA 09." here are some photos PHOTOSpsp photos I'm looking for...
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    wants a ps3, but will have to settle for xbox 360

    wants a ps3, but will have to settle for xbox 360
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    wants a ps3, but will have to settle for xbox 360

    wants a ps3, but will have to settle for xbox 360
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    Motorola Droid Running Pandora's Os

    i (for the most part) understood what you said. I can't help, but if this does get anywhere post some links or photos!
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    this is great, unfortunately I have no money to lend (got to pay for college). But, it would be great for the company making opensource handhelds to be run by members of the community, not some souless chinese businessman who only cares about making money.
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    Hi, i am not in a hurry to sell these things, so i just wanted to see if i could get a good trade for them. the Ipod touch is jailbroken and runs IOS 3.1.3 (it was jailbroken using spirit jailbreak)i can leave all the data on it if it's requested, otherwise i'll be wiping the drive (not with...
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    Motorola Droid Running Pandora's Os

    I was just wondering if the pandora's version of Angstrom-linux could run on the Motorola droid. they use the same processor,same amount of ram. finally, the only reason iwas wondering was for n64/psx emulation so, if the OS would be possible, would the emulators work? (i know that is ALOT of if's)
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    ok, well thanks.
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    does any one know if there is room on the openpandora console for a webcam. it wouldn't have to be anyhting more than the most basic camera. there are several small usb webcams you can get for under 30$ that would take up very litte space. if anyone has done this please post photos!!!!!!
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    News For Odrois-S (S5Pc110 1Ghz !)

    are there any hardware mods that fix the crappy controls? //please provide link
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    Buy My Wiz

    totally off topic, but awesome picture (Tux the Headgehog)
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    Next Displays Corporation 4.8" Wvga 3D-Display

    i know nothing about 3d screens, but isn't 3d video the same as HD video. meaning that you need the processing power and what not to play it. EDIT- does the pandora have the poawer to play HD video?
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    Caanoo Article On Linuxdevices, With Reference To Pandora

    i think i will get one, hopefully it will be backwards compatible with all gp2x wiz programs and emulators. even though it isn't much of an upgrade from the wiz, the only reason i didn't get the wiz was because of the awful looking controls. the caanoo seems to have fixed that.
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    Psp Emulation said it not me