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    Can't Get Wifi Iface To Come Up At All

    That's the thing. The driver *is* loaded (lsmod lists wl1251_sdio) but ifconfig -a and iwconfig don't list the wlan0 interface. I appreciate the reply, but I'm more and more (read: 100%) sure this isn't something that can be fixed without cracking open the case. -John
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    Can't Get Wifi Iface To Come Up At All

    Yes. a couple times. That script he's referring to is the same one that gets run from the 'toggle WiFi' menu item. I tried running it from the terminal anyways, just for fun and got the same dmesg output as before. I appreciate the thought, though at this point I'm starting to think that if WiFi...
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    Can't Get Wifi Iface To Come Up At All

    Just wondering if people aren't responding because they aren't seeing this problem or because they're looking for the answer as well. If I don't get any responses I'll just assume this is a hardware defect and follow-up with the pandora guys to get it repaired/replaced.
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    Can't Get Wifi Iface To Come Up At All

    First of all, let me be very specific about the symptoms I'm seeing: When running XFCE and clicking on the network-manager applet I get a list that has two entries: No network devices available VPN Connections When I run ifconfig -a I get: lo Link encap:Local Loopback inet...
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    Starcraft For Mac Using Sheepshaver?

    Powermacs use a PowerPC chip which uses the PowerPC instruction set. The Pandora uses an ARM, which uses the ARM instruction set. There's a little confusion around the term "RISC" which refers to both a type of proceesor (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) and also can be used to desribe the...
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    Resolution Of Video-out

    Just to make sure everyone here knows: An S-Video->Composite adapter is a tiny $3 part that you can probably find at any decent local electronics store. Also a great part to have handy for laptops that only have S-Video out. Pick up one of those 1/8" headphone -> red/white RCA stereo plugs and...
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    Release CDisplay or something similar

    For something lighter than comix, people might want to take a look at cbrpager. Plus, it already compiles in OE (the build system for angstrom) so it would just need some repackaging (and maybe new keyboard shortcuts?) for the pandora. -John
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    List Of Pandora's Arm Compatible Programs?

    also, Debian's list of packages for the armel archictecture (that's us!) can be searched on And the list of packages compiled for Ubuntu for various different ARM CPUs are up on -John
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    Flash memory and filesystem, wear levelling is an answer

    I'll expand on that to say that I'm very sure that all memory cards sold directly to consumers have wear leveling of some form. There's a nice white paper on wear leveling on MMC cards that might be interesting: ... elv1.0.pdf
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    For anyone wondering what packages will be available for Ubuntu on ARM, this site should give you a good idea:
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    Release Flash Player Port

    Looks like it's available for Debian armel as does swfdec. They might have bugs, since I haven't tried either, but compiling is a good first step. :) For future reference is a good test for ARM compatibility. The architecture of interest is actually armel not arm...
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    Apt Repositories For Pandora

    Hmm...unionfs seems all well and good, but if you intend to keep the NAND in the officially recommended setup (ie, following official "firmware" updates only) while tracking distribution updates on the SD card, you'll soon find that you're saving very little space by using unionfs while running...
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    Openpandora Blog Update

    Why would this OMAP companion chip have this feature if it is said that the OMAP will produce little to no heat even overclocked? Is this IC also built for PwrMan in other systems that have the potential of overheating and will therefore just be an unused feature? Or will Pandora actually need...
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    No More Gnashing Of Teeth

    Here's how flash ends up on embedded platforms: The creator of that platform pays them to port it. No $$$ paid out to Adobe = no flash client.
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    Reauest To Port Fbreader

    Well, the pandora is going to be running Angstrom (or a close derivative), and an fbreader recipe is already available in OpenEmbedded. It really should be a matter of 'bitbake fbreader' The harder part would actually be packaging it in whatever people decide to be the default packaing format...
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    Pxml File Format Defintion

    I was in favor of pxml, until I talked with parag0n on IRC. I really think that that any shortcomings in .desktop can be worked around and that working around them is worth it. This makes the pandora desktop-neutral. If we adopt pxml now and individual users (or the official devs!) decide to...