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    Release Super Geometry Dust

    YESSSSSS!! I haven't been on my pandy at all lately, but I am glad to see this update finally game to fruition! Can't wait to try out survival! Edit: Only played about 20-30minutes so far, and I'm enjoying survival. But, I have a couple suggestions. Survival I think the time counter should...
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    My first contribution

    ^I couldn't really tell what the hell was going on in that video, but those spaceships look a lot like the ones you make in Kingdom Hearts.
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    Majora's Mask!

    I love OoT. I've beaten it many times. But I started MM and got bored... Didn't get very far in it at all. Might just have to do with the fact that I'm older now though.
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    The gates to corporate rule are slowly opening.

    Oh noez. Now I have to type the whole term before I can search for what I want. What ever shall I do!
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    pandora ramdomly resetting

    Awesome, glad to Chicago hear the good news.
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    Overclocking questions

    Are you sure? I think I remember ED saying that it was dynamic depending on your current clock speed. I don't remember where he said that though. Is there anyway to test it?
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    couple of pcsx_rearmed questions

    Try a different BIOS and try to disable dynarec in the settings. If either of those don't work try downloading the other region. Those have all worked for me in the past. I have yet to find a game that wouldn't run at all with some tweaking.
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    Tekken 3 for PS

    Huh.. I'll mess around with the plugins more later tonight. I don't have time at the moment. If you get the chance if you could tell me which settings you are using and what FPS you are getting I'd appreciate it :) . With r6 and 1050mhz I can get it running 55-60fps most of the time which is...
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    Could I ask for add LEDs when my Pandora is on repair?

    What would adding those LEDs be useful for?
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    Overclocking questions

    Go to mouse settings and see what you have the cursor set as. There' the default and there's an invisible one. Make sure it's set to the visible one.
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    Tekken 3 for PS

    Mind elaborating? I tried all the plugins and noticed absolutely no increase in performance.
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    Tekken 3 for PS

    Glad to hear that there is going to be a next version. Is there anyway you could add a setting to manually set the frameskip? I wouldn't mind forcing a high frameskip to get a boost in speed. Using the touchscreen as a light gun sounds boring as hell.... It would simply be a point and click...
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    Blending the pandora

    I am one of those spys! muahaha I would love to see a Pandora blended!
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    Ashens Reviews the Dingoo A320

    That's the emu I was talking about. At first it was far more playabe, but they've since upgraded the default firmware fixing the B Y bug and the default SNES emu and SNES9x run about the same. And you are saying that playing PS(PSX was something completely different, we are simply talking...
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    Tekken 3 for PS

    I'll try out r6 when I get a chance. Since this is an arcade game would there be an arcade emu that could run it better? All my past arcade playng involved light guns 90% of the time so I've NEVER bothered with any arcade emus. Which emu would I use to run it? Edit: r6 does run faster. No...
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    I AM ... The Super Geometry Dust KING!

    :D . I really can 't wait for the next update. Grats on the new 4mil Poke. I've been playing without bombs. It makes it difficult to break the 1mil again ;)
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    Tekken 3 for PS

    Running PCSX rearmed r8. No dice... it lags equally :( . I'll try the Japanese version...
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    Tekken 3 for PS

    Ahh okay. Well I tried 5000 5500 7000 7001 and a couple others and they run exactly the same. Trying the PAL version, but IIRC the pal version ran a tad slower than NTSC on the PS.