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  1. eomonkeyboi24

    What Kinds Of Pandora Games Are Going To Be Released?

    I was wondering if there are people working on games for the pandora when it is released. I know Lerp is coming, but that game doesn't seem to interest me. I was wondering if anyone would be able to make a racing game kinda like gta or need for speed. I really thought there would be more pandora...
  2. eomonkeyboi24

    "estimated" Release Date

    If you have an SD card reader ($1.99"], you could just copy the update file onto an SD card and run it on the Pandora. No syncing required. Really it's that simple? Gosh i thought i would be having to watch like a whole youtube vid on how to update. lol.
  3. eomonkeyboi24

    "estimated" Release Date

    True, i guess it would be nice but i have always hated syncing things.
  4. eomonkeyboi24

    "estimated" Release Date

    I would rather wait for the wifi to be fully working and make sure we can download applications and updates through wifi out of the box so we won't have to sync it with a computer. This would be a major thing for me because I like how the pandora in theory won't need to be hooked up to another...
  5. eomonkeyboi24

    "estimated" Release Date

    Are you daft? Don't ask questions! Craig gave a date, take it and RUN! Haha yea i guess ur right but still I'm curious as to what is wrong with it.
  6. eomonkeyboi24

    "estimated" Release Date

    Edit: What I can't promise is 100% wifi compatibility, that's still a work in progress, but it won't stop us shipping as I'm pretty sure you are all capable of installing an updated driver. What are you guys stuck on with the wifi?
  7. eomonkeyboi24

    For Craig

    Haha Nice one gruso.
  8. eomonkeyboi24

    "estimated" Release Date

    Jeeze I didn't think this would big news, most of my posts aren't and usually no one cares. LOL It's already on the unofficial blog. Thanks for adding my link! :)
  9. eomonkeyboi24

    "estimated" Release Date

    Well I just ordered my pandora using google checkout and a credit card. So for all of you that didn't know this, google checkout and credit cards work. I also got an estimated shipping date of the pandora: "Your son's order is confirmed and the estimated release date is July. He will receive a...
  10. eomonkeyboi24

    Where Is My £200 Handheld?

    Well at least you guys got your order right. They accidentally messed mine up so now idk if my $400 dollars got through or not. :'( I'm so scared. My money is gone out of my account! I hope it works itself out.
  11. eomonkeyboi24

    What Batch Of Pandoras Will I Be In?

    If I order my pandora on June 3rd will it still be in the first batch? I'm so confused on where everyones orders are placed. Thanks. :)
  12. eomonkeyboi24


    I really think they should have chosen a glossy coat on the final mp of the p&|a. Well I guess too late now. oh well. : (
  13. eomonkeyboi24

    Lets Talk Bluetooth Accesoires!

    So there's not a for sure answer on whether or not the pandora will accept bt headphones like these? Motorola S805
  14. eomonkeyboi24

    Does MWeston have the case?

    new boards??? I thought you decided on one final board already.
  15. eomonkeyboi24

    What comes in the box?

    I was also wondering what comes preinstalled on the pandora. hehe. I'm hoping that the instructions pdf is on the pandora itself.
  16. eomonkeyboi24

    What comes in the box?

    Lol nice! :P
  17. eomonkeyboi24

    What comes in the box?

    That's what I thought. Just double checking. I'm trying to do my balance so I can put my money away for it.
  18. eomonkeyboi24

    What comes in the box?

    When I order my pandora what comes stock in the box? Sorry if this has already been asked. I think it was on the gp32x forums.