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    Wow, Over A Year Late?

    I first heard about Pandora about eight months ago, when I was pondering getting a hand-held, and decided to have another look at the GP2X, whereupon I found out about the Wiz, and then about the Pandora, at which point I promptly forgot about the other options. I didn't pre-order, though. As...
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    Where Is The Flood Of 3D Art?

    Bosbeetle: Why don't you start us off with some nice renderings, and I'm sure others will follow in your foot steps.
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    Why Are .pnd Files Not .box Files?

    Seriously... it's a package format for Pandora! How can it possibly not be called .box ?
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    Are Some Of The First 105 Still Going To The Press?

    I have no issue whatsoever with those 105 not going to paying customers, but from what I've been reading lately about the state of some of the software, in all honesty I'd be loathe to send units out for review yet either. As absolutely critical as the hardware is, the software provides all the...
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    New Pandora Website!

    Here's your culprit: (after loading that page, you may need to click the image, or 'View Image' with your browser, to see it full-size.)
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    New Pandora Website!

    I think it depends largely on who the design company was, and whether the person calling the shots at the client company understands the web. Most designers don't cope well with the concept of dynamic designs. They make something look good when rendered in a highly-specific way, and then the web...
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    New Pandora Website!

    @Nation.A.List: Thanks. That is actually what my javascript/CSS details were referring to, though :) @Bagera: I don't want to derail this discussion, but as a web designer (as opposed to print) you need to make your layouts flexible to accommodate a number of variables (of which larger fonts is...
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    New Pandora Website!

    Congrats on the new site :) Could you add some larger font size options, please? Google Chrome is completely retarded when it comes to scaling. When a fixed-width is set it will happily scale the entire layout of a site wider than the browser window. All you want to do is enlarge the fonts...
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    Dosbox Fun

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    Dosbox Fun

    Warcraft 2, Red Baron, and UFO were all sluggish in some way at 3000 cycles, so 5000 should do wonders for them.
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    Dosbox Fun

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    "estimated" Release Date

    Loonie, that was inspired :)
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    Dosbox Fun

    That was probably me (in the comments on the Unofficial Blog), and it was a slide-show at 3000 cycles, 320x200 resolution, and all details set to minimum. If a cycle is a cycle, then I'm (sadly) confident of my results (but would be most delighted to be proven wrong!) Can people please ensure...