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    Website Hosting

    Does anyone know of a good host that will give me MySQL and PHP. Also it has to be free! I know it's asking for a lot but if anyone knows of one then please pass it on to me! Thanks in advance. Mohammad Askari
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    Gp32 Flu For Sale (uk)

    Hi everyone, Well it's come to the point where I need money badly to continue my studies and I must sell my GP32. It can overclock to atleast 166 and it is still in it's original condition, with the front film still on. I am giving a 128 mb SmartMedia Card with it that has Movie Park...
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    Goldeneye Doom Ii Wad!

    MrEMan, which Version of Doom have you got? I was getting the same problem but I figured out that I had a older version of Doom. I had V8 when I think it needs V9 to run. Also you could try installing gpDrive from the Beta Testing Section and then uploading the .wad. You could always try putting...
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    guy just banned me from his room. *laughs knowingly* what a jackass...
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    Yeah, I'm on there as well as DigiLord. Seems the guy was kicked out by Spiff No need to close the room or do anything about it. I'm in it right now. Let's see what this guy says...
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    The New-look Forum

    I like this new look. It gives a futuristic feel to the whole thing.
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    GBA Roms

    oh never mind...thanks for your help washo
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    GBA Roms

    Ok. Sorry for asking about the GBA Roms but do you know where I can get the doom.wad and Rise Of The Triad files from? I've looked everywhere for them but no dice...
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    GBA Roms

    Hey everyone, I'm a total nooB so I am forgive me if I ask a bold question... 1) Are there ANY GBA roms for the GP32? 2) If yes, then where can I get them from. People can e-mail me the links if they don't want to tell the site on the board or they can PM me. 3) Does anyone know where I can...