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    Yeti3d Engine Mystery - Reward Offered I know he is from adeliade in south australia. This is the only email of a derek evans working in adeliade. Hope this works craigx
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    Virtua Fighter? Whats This?

    Yes its the megadrive version running on DrMDX.
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    Super Mario Kart

    Yes its a mode 7 game. And yes the gp2x does have the power to do this. But a emulator needs to be complied to run mode 7. We just have to wait.
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    Firmware Upgrade Compatible Cards And Faq

    Does anyone know if the upcoming firmware works with all SD cards? Cause this is the biggest issue for me. None of the 4 cards I own work. Also the Carigx and Evildragon solution, will if be a case of going the to the utils menu and manualy selecting the firmware file and upgrading that way?
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    Gp2x Vs Nds Vs Ngpc

    I just used a small coin and off it came. But it doesn't work on the gp2x as the hole for the cap is far to big. :(
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    Reminiscence-flashback Engine For Gp2x, V0.1 Beta

    Little Help!!! I have place the data folder from the game in the root with the rs files. When I load RS I get a white box in the middle of the screen. This fills and then nothing. Please if some one can see what i'm doing wrong. Please lend a hand.
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    Firmware Upgrade Compatible Cards And Faq

    Which firmware are you talking about??? Edit: Sorry I thought there was a new firmware upgrade not just the lcd fixing firmware
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    New Lik-sang Article On Gp2x

    WELL DONE LIK-SANG. I think that is the best thing I've heard about the GP2X hardware . At the moment the hardware is not up to normal public use. Joe Public will not put up with the issues regarding the hardware. Plus this newly added pressure should insure GPH release a better all round unit...
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    First Upgrade Of Firmware On

    I did the firmware upgrade and now my music player won't work, plus my SD card gets all stuffed. I'm getting sick and tired of all these problems. Becoming very unhappy with GPH. Oh so many `good times' with the GP32 and gunstar heroes on DRMD. But Metal Slug is so much fun on the GP2X.
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    Nand Firmware Update?

    So its confirmed the firmware update is down via SD?
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    Hexen And Metalslug

    Hi guys having a little trouble. It maybe this: When I run the install_libs.gpu from the utils menu the screens black and the after 15 sec returns to the main GP2X menu. Then I run neocd and the neo geo cd loading pops up after 10secs. Looks good from here until the screen blacks and return to...
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    This Is Probably A Good Question!

    I think its like this. The people who make the screen cover over 5, but GPH will replace if its over 3. Which is very good. At work Sony and Nintendo only replace after 5 dead pixels.
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    Can Someone With Gp2x Please Test A Video For Me?

    Just tested the file on my beta unit with an early firmware and NO. The player wont even find it on the SD card. DVIX works perfect for me and XVID 90% fine. So make sure you convert your videos into the AVI (DIVX), I use DR DIVX. But give it a few weeks and I guess a MP4 player would be release...
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    Gp2x Hardware Problems

    Thanks Gaterooze. Sand Man, Never have I a stated or thought the the GP2X would fail. I have tried to do what i can for the GP2X. I think that the GP32 created an awesom commuity much like the Commodore Amiga did in its day. And I want the GP2X the continue were the GP32 got to. And for the...
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    Gp2x Hardware Problems

    Yes at last the headphone socket issue. I recieved the Beta unit and within 10 mins the headphone socket fell off the mainbaord. 2 reasons, 1st the soldering of the socket to the mainboard very poor. Secondly the way the socket is sunk into the units case. I work for a very big golbal retailer...
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    I had that problem. Turn the top of the thumbstick anti clockwise slowly till you get the reponse you are after.
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    Response Time.....

    Just played Quake on the GP2X and very happy to say no blur at all. Everyone will be very happy when they get one.
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    First Upgrade Of Firmware On

    Come on GPH some of us english speaking users have their GP2X and would like the firmware update for their unit.
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    Gta 2 On Gp2x

    GTA Advance was released last year on the GBA. So thats possible!!!
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    Mario Kart Ds

    I have the MARIO KART DS demo and its totally awesom (8 tracks). Bring on NOV 7th. YES we aussie's get it first.