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    I Got My Pandora

    Last week I finally got my pandora. I'm a classic first batcher with an order date from 2008, don't know my order#. First look: very impressive device, given that a bunch of clever enthusiasts made this possible using a next to nothing funding. Please don't stab me on "1 mio. eur is not...
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    Connecting Ipod Using Libgpod

    Hi, I noticed the option "Open iPod" in mplayer. Using a lib called "libgpod" it should make the mplayer ipod-aware. Did anybody try this using a pandora? Which libgpod should be installed, armstrong has sooo many different binary-options for the cpu. Regards, grobi
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    Still Believe In Craig & Ed Despite The Recent Revalations

    I appreciate the creative efforts of the team to find funding to speed up the production. What I don't like is the following: It's hard to find out how many devices will be sold for $500 within 7 days. Was this number fixed anywhere? I also couldn't figure when the 7 day order period started...
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    Opt Should Sell Op To Someone With Enough Financial Leverage

    OK, you proved to the world that Pandora is no scam. You proved that a bunch of very clever people with the right skilled combined to a small upstart company can do better than most other big companies trying to match the needs of retro-geeks. You also proved that matching retro needs also makes...
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    no pandora yet

    no pandora yet
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    no pandora yet

    no pandora yet
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    Wtf? Ok Who Listed This One....

    We should stop fighting those lucky bastards that make a fortune by selling pandoras on eBay, but use them as a news on its own. I think the general press will be interested much more if their pandora story is backed by some eBay-get-rich-quick-scheme. So tell all press feeds about it, make it...
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    Devil 64 Newest News

    Anybody else noticed that Rolf is a.) a german name b.) an acronym of "rofl" if cr took the time he spends in the german forum to defend himself against all the evil in the world, maybe he would be closer to an emu than he is. grobi
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    Macintosh 68K Emulator For Pandora?

    Thanks skeezix for the reply. Maybe as a ST guy, we will rather see a Mac-on-AtariST Port than this Mini vMac ;-) (was it called Spectrum? I had such thing built right into my 1040F including two EPROMS for the basic MacOS)
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    Macintosh 68K Emulator For Pandora?

    Optimizing a blitter should be part of SDL's job AFAIK, so this one should automagically speed things up once SDL got optimized... Nobody excited about this oportunity?
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    Macintosh 68K Emulator For Pandora?

    Anybody caring to give this one a look? Mini vMac on Sourceforge Seems to be a mac emu being available as gpl sourcecode and already ported on pocket pc, which raises my hope to be essentially ARM compatible. As the mac 68k was quite useful running on a CPU with less than 100mhz, things could...
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    Its The Vulcano - Again

    I only found this in german newspress: the vulcano is delaying planes again. Perhaps we should have told them about the ups package being picked up today so they could have prepared their flight plans for the upcoming catastrophy. Vulcano delaying planes again
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    7Th Of May Near Over In China

    Topic says its all.
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    The Real Business Case For Openpandora

    It was a pleasure to make some of you smile - that's all what I intended to achieve. As for the fab discussion, I think we should drop the term "it was chosen for cost saving" in favour of "...for making it possible". The cheapest offer was not deliberately chosen to maximize the bonus pool of...
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    The Real Business Case For Openpandora

    We are all just crash test dummies for the OP team to collect invaluable experiences in how to make chinese factories do what we thought they should feel paid for. Once the first pandoras ship, we will see a series of books to pop up at No. 1 bestseller list "How we tamed the dragon" "Begging as...
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    Is Everything On Track For Early April Production?

    This SO sucks. My generic statement on all this: I appreciate <...blabla...> OP teams effort <...blabla...> sleepless nights <...blabla...> chinese worker suck <...blabla...> shipping by UPS requires correct postal adress <..blabla...> Faith can speak chinese but is not on the phone right now...
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    My 7 year old son got his first laptop as a christmas present last year. Laptop is 5 years old, AMD 1,7GHz CPU and 512MB RAM, 30GB HD, no WLAN. I replaced windows by ubuntu 9.10 and installed every game and edu-app that can be found in the ubuntu-universe. Then I put photos of the family, most...
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    Check Out Boloid - Forget Arkanoid

    Did anybody of you retro-fans own an Atari ST? Remember dongleware, innovating with Bolo and Oxyd? I found an early beta version of boloid at sourceforge, bringing Bolo to Linux. The project was abandoned in 2006, but I managed to compile it on ubuntu 9.10. It's an early stage of the game, but...
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    Port Request For Boloid - Best Arkanoid Ever

    Who ever owned an Atari ST will remember that Meinolf Schneider from Dongleware programmed some really cool games in the 80s. One was Oxyd which survived as Enigma on all platforms. The other one was Bolo, an arkanoid clone where the bat was directly controlled by the mouse in any direction...
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    Why Can't The Chinese Use A Different Plastic?

    In a slight variation of an old ford's saying: you can have your pandora in any colour - as long as you buy 10.000 of that colour.