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    i was thinking about games like prince of persia or formula 1. those are very old dos games which are quite a lot fun. would be awesome to play them on the gp. and since scummvm already allows us to play the old lucas arts adventures, which were dos games as well, i just thought it can't be that...
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    will it ever be possible to emulate DOS on the gp32?
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    The Sunday Suprise

    i would love to have a save state option :)
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    The Sunday Suprise

    how bout you just rename your roms :rolleyes:
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    The Sunday Suprise

    damn still no save support. i wanna play soleil (crusader of whatever) and i wanna save :o
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    Divx 4.12 And 5 Co-existing

    works perfect, thanks :)
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    Rockin The Game Boy

    hey there these times i use my gp every day since i easily get bored at work when i have to stay there 8 hours but there's only work to do for 3 :huh: so i was playing my old favorite super marioland 2 - 6 golden coins on the game boy fgb32 again. it's one of those old grey palette games. i...
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    Starting To Get Bored With It :(

    damn, i rule. i own a laptop and a gp32 and i can play all the games on both of them :rolleyes:
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    Don't Write Off The 8 Bit Computers!

    i wanted to play silkworm on the c64 (since there is no amiga emulator :huh: ), but it's a .tap file and i cant get it to work. i don't know what to do with it <_<
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    Drmd - Genesis Emulator

    yup, but besides that i love it. it runs very smooth and has actually (beta ;) ) sound in every game i've tried so far :)
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    Good Racing Game

    Hey, i am pretty new to the scene (actually this is my 2nd post on this board :o ) and i got my gp last week :) i am very impressed and satisfied with what it can do. i already got a bunch of sweet games to play on it, as well as some emu's and apps. the only thing i am missing is a good...
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    Darts V 0.3

    where can i download the latest version i cant seem to find a working link :(