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  1. bustaballs

    Opinions on this smarttop?

    I'm looking for something not much bigger than that machine but I don't want the price to be above $200. I'll be mounting them under the table somehow.
  2. bustaballs

    Opinions on this smarttop? This is a very tiny "smarttop" computer being sold for about $130. I'm looking for some computers that might work well for an internet cafe. The specs seem to be similar to the Pandora or slightly better so I was hoping this running Linux or Android...
  3. bustaballs

    How much is a used pandora worth?

    Is anyone getting rid of a fully functional Pandora in good condition for around $400?
  4. bustaballs

    Pandora Question about basic Pandora development

    Thanks for the replies and I'm sorry if my questions seems very silly or noobish.
  5. bustaballs

    Pandora Question about basic Pandora development

    So, stdlib won't work in linux? Yes, I'm working through a book that teaches Allegro4 right now. And I don't have a Pandora so I can't compile and test. I'd just like to develop for Pandora.
  6. bustaballs

    Pandora Question about basic Pandora development

    I've only ever developed in Windows before and I'm an advanced beginner or perhaps an intermediate level programmer in C++ and I'm slowly learning Allegro which is supported by the Pandora. Assuming that I develop my apps and games in SDL or Allegro and I set their resolution at 800x480, what...
  7. bustaballs

    How much is a used pandora worth?

    It's very tempting at $400~. I should have this money in about 2 weeks. If anyone is looking to get rid a Pandora soon, please PM me.
  8. bustaballs

    Google +

    I would like an invite please.
  9. bustaballs

    How much is a used pandora worth?

    I've been following the Pandora project for many years and have always wanted one but never had the funds. By the time I finally had enough money for a pre-order, they only had the premiums for purchase. Soon, I'll come into a bit of money and it might not be quite enough for a premium order so...
  10. bustaballs

    Go NY!

    I love the 10th amendment as well. Too bad it's probably the most ignored and abused amendment of them all.
  11. bustaballs

    Question about the Amiga 500

    Yeah, I watched an old 10 minute long ad on youtube. It looked really nice. The model only said A500.
  12. bustaballs

    Question about the Amiga 500

    I don't know anything about the Amiga systems. All I know is that there are plenty of Amiga lovers out there. I found an Amiga 500 at my local game shop. The guy there said he didn't know anything about it and he'd be willing to sell it for $25. It only comes with the computer and the power...
  13. bustaballs

    Nintendo Wii U

    That's silly. That is a pretty high resolution for that screen and games would look perfectly fine on it. People complain too much about things they aren't forced to buy.
  14. bustaballs

    Allegro library

    I'm currently learning Allegro 4 in C++. I'll be using this the moment I get a Pandora. Big thanks to whoever ported the library.
  15. bustaballs

    Just placed my order!!!!!!!!

    People purchase the Pandora for many many different reasons. Games, Linux, programming, pocket computing, portable web browser with real buttons, etc.
  16. bustaballs

    Port Request: GLGo I'm trying to learn and become better at igo. With this software, you can play the computer, play another human, save and load games, and even play people online. I recently played someone who was using an iphone while I was using a computer...
  17. bustaballs

    While Waiting... What Would You Like To See?

    I'd like to know if the google talk widget plugin is compatible with the Pandora. If so, I'd like to see someone make a call with the Pandora.
  18. bustaballs

    Google Talk / Voice + Usb Travel Modem?

    Gmail started bugging me about the ability to make skype like phone calls in my web browser via the google talk widget. I was wondering if this plugin would work with a web browser on the Pandora. If so, I could use the Pandora as a phone for sending calls and checking voicemail. Google's...
  19. bustaballs

    Google Talk / Voice + Usb Travel Modem?

    Delete.. wrong section
  20. bustaballs

    Any News From The Assembly Line ?

    I second this! It's been two years and we STILL don't have this information. This is dumb. If Craig doesn't let us know this soon, I'm canceling my order.