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    Charlie Stross Mentions Pandora In His Blog

    50 times more powerful? Should be easy to emulate... :)
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    Blog Update 11/23/08

    I think you misread. The only issue holding them back is the financial crisis, not the bank issue. The financial crisis made banks cautious about money AND caused manufacturers to be overly cautious as well. I'm fairly certain the LCD issue is still the primary bottleneck, although Mweston's...
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    Canceling Cc Orders

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    Post Here When Your Refund Clears

    Newletter disribution list has nothign to do with it. Are you saying that you actually did not receive a confirmation e-mail when you placed your order?? That is all you should be concerned about (and you should have been concerned long before this whole bank fiasco took place if that is the...
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    Re-order Emails Going Out Now

    I can only assume this is some sort of stealth troll or attempt at humor... but if not...
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    Can Anyone Report On Music Sound Quality?

    You suggested someone search for 'DAC'. Unfortunately, this doesn't pull any results because the search function ignores words 3 chars or less. Just FYI, since alot of well meaning people don't realize this. I think if the OP follows your link and looks at MWESTON's posts, he should find the...
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    Re-order Emails Going Out Now

    No, its like slapping down 1,500 bucks for a spanking new PC with 5 TB of storage and being told shipments would begin at the end of November, and then being told there may be a 1-3 month delay in receipt, but that there is now 10 TB of storage, and they doubled the RAM. This isn't even CTs...
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    Cc Refunded Orders / 'upgraded' Specs ?

    Just so you can see it from the 'horses mouth';#entry663957 Also, it would be wise to keep an eye on this thread in the future, as the important stuff is usually posted there. The information...
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    What The?

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    What The?

    Don't mean to be a jerk, but this was already covered in another, unlocked, thread 'Where Is The Pandora Being Manufactured?' I too am curious as to which is the correct statement (presumably Craigix since he is the only one who actually has the knowledge, and Chip was just stating what I...
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    Pandora As A Wearable Computer

    I've no idea about the hub, but the title of this thread reminded me of this: Which, I think would be an ideal ad campaign for the Pandora...
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    What Is Your Worst Fear About The Pandora ?

    Chip, jdh2550 has a very valid point. I think its in GBAX/GP32X LLC/Openpandora/whatever it chooses to call itself's best interest to get a dedicated mouthpiece. This could all have been handled much better if Craig had decided to reveal the two 'big' pieces of info in a clear, concise...
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    Craig , What The F*ck Is Going On?

    THIS doesn't delay anything... The LCD availability, that is another story... And once , you will need to pay once more. Best way is for everyone to pay me $360 cash and I will fly it over to Craig personally.
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    Pandora's 256megs A Joke.....?

    Noisome, Its real. Craigix has said it himself in the thread labeled clearly 256 MB upgrade. This is in no way tied to the banking issue, that is between Craigix and his current banker. When faced with the reality that he may not be able to conduct business with this banker and jeapordize the...
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    Drawing With Inkscape On The Pandora

    ? The Pandora? Its a single touch, normal touchscreen So, compared to a multitouch screen: + More accurate (when using a stylus.) + Can be triggered by anything applying pressure of surface like stylus/glove, unlike multitouch. + capable of registering different levels of pressure (16...
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    Wine is Not an Emulator. It will not run on the Pandora since the Pandora does not have an x86 processor. HW SDL is a possibility.
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    Release First Gmenu Pandora Preview

    I think its Gmenu (simple)/Angstrom(complex) on the NAND at release, with the option to DL Ubuntu (Complex-big footprint) to an SD card. I suspect Angstrom and Gmenu will be day 1, while Ubuntu *could* be, but since it doesn't have to be loaded on the NAND, it could trail the others.