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    Pandev Linux

    javaJake: 3ce3f38298e2c4dd0029b90a3128b2e9 pandev-20081029.iso Klepto: I will add ffcall and gforth to the next release. --Jeff
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    Pandev Linux

    Thanks Pickle, I forgot that you could run an ISO image in VMware. I've added directions on how to do this here: Running in VMware --Jeff
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    Pandev Linux

    I'll try to clear up the confusion about the lack of a cross-compiler at the moment. I decided not to include a cross compiler in the first release for the following reasons:My primary goal was to create a development environment ASAP to help beginners to start coding for the Pandora game...
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    Pandev Linux

    What is Pandev Linux? Pandev Linux is a Live-CD based on Puppy Linux whose goals are to: Provide a complete development environment for the Linux based Pandora game system Provide documentation and tutorials which is designed to make Pandora developers productive A Live-CD contains an...
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    Floating Point

    This topic caught my interest :-) Is your new 3D engine from scratch or on top of GLES? If your new 3D engine is on top of GLES, then definitely use floats since most of the performance hit will be hidden by the powervr chip. If your new 3D engine is NOT on top of GLES then you should...
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    GP2X Vi Help

    Here is the pattern that I think you wanted. The pattern ":%s/>.*}//" would replace the following by a blank line. > junk } From the pattern that you mentioned it appears as though you are trying to replace the line with a ">", so you could do that with ":%s/>.*}/>/" I will explain the...
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    GP2X Stripping The Gp2x Toolchain

    timbosteve, Here are my opinions to your questions. 1) What would you all like to see in the Live CD? I agree, but you may also want to include PyGames, SDL utility libraries (i.e. SDL TTF, SDL Image, ... not sure if main GP2X toolchain includes this). I would still like you to include my...
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    GP32 Cross Compiler

    Check out this GP2X WIKI page. I have used the Linux directions with success (the ones where you download from gp32spain). --Jeff
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    GP2X Gp2nix Developer Environment (poc)

    Hi timbobsteve, I have updated my gp2x-test program. It now includes a readme.html file and I changed the source code slightly to remove some old stuff that I had cut and pasted from another program. --Jeff
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    GP2X Gp2nix Developer Environment (poc)

    Hi timbobsteve, It looks like you are getting overzelous about removing files :D The files stdio.h and stdlib.h are missing. You might also want to reinclude your README file for users who have not tried your SDK. The main thing that they are probably missing is "export...
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    GP2X Is My Demo.gpe Working Fine?

    I havn't tried that demo yet but I suspect that you should launch it with a script if you want it to return to the main menu (otherwise when the program exits, it will freeze and just show the last frame that the program rendered). See the gpe script that is included with my demo. Try my demo...
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    GP2X Gp2nix Developer Environment (poc)

    Lets just get a version that works with static linking first, but I think it would still be good if we had a set standard GP2NIX libraries that the user could install on their GP2X and know that any programs written using GP2NIX would work. Currently it is a binary that that runs Lua scripts...
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    GP2X Gp2nix Developer Environment (poc)

    Hi timbobsteve, It looks like you are off to a good start. I have some questions and comments about what you are planning on supporting with your distribution. 1) Are you going to support a native and cross-compiling environment (especially for SDL) so that people can compile their programs...
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    GP2X Working Crosscompile Of Arm-linux Binaries

    Yeah, I would be happy to help you. I was planning on creating a Knoppix based Live-CD anyway for my game engine. But it sounds like you are doing something more general than what I had planned so that is probably better. I did develop the SGE under Linux (see the doc/readme.html file in the...
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    GP2X Working Crosscompile Of Arm-linux Binaries

    It works :) P.S. Would you consider including my game engine for the GP2X on your GP2niX toolchain? SGE Game Engine --Jeff
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    GP2X Pre-compiled Linux-arm Toolchain?

    Yes, the leaked GPH SDK works for me. Although I had to recompile the SDL_image library because I was getting link errors. --Jeff
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    GP2X Working Crosscompile Of Arm-linux Binaries

    Yeah, no problem. --Jeff
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    GP2X Working Crosscompile Of Arm-linux Binaries

    Here is some code that I wrote to test my GP2X. It just cycles through some colors then exits. There are two makefiles. I use Makefile for building the example under Linux and Makefile.gp2x for building using my cross-compiler environment (make -f Makefile.gp2x). gp2x-test Code Hope this...
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    GP2X Sge Game Engine For Gp2x

    This simple game engine (SGE) targets the GP2X handheld game console. The engine is written in C++ using the SDL library and the Lua scripting language. Games created using the SGE engine can be entirely scripted, however developers can also load external libraries using Lua. Here is a list of...