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    Gp2x Torrents

    thank god i was a regular visitor of the site and downloaded everything good... :D
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    is it just me who dosent have sound in the game?
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    i was thinking a few cars \ trees and lampposts would add a bit of atmosphere and give you some where to dodge the undead hoard....
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    before you burn me for saying this read check out this link would be a nice game on the gp2x and if you added a bit of street furniture like cars etc it would be a great wee game
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    Battery Help

    i use duracell 2650 mah recharables..i get 4 hrs and a bit....
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    Resident Evil Gameboy?

    resident evil rpg is free to download :)
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    Resident Evil Gameboy?

    i have the complete set of res evil games (except res evil zero, which i will orders) on game cube and play them on the wii. I enjoyed res 4 but it lacked the zombies i have the annoying habit of solving a resident evil puzzle first resident evil zero is twice as big as resident...
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    Resident Evil Gameboy?

    resident evil on the ds is fantastic.. resident evil gaiden is also good, thou the graphics are rubbish the gameplay is great... check out ( dementium the ward ) on ds for a totally scary game..
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    Speccy Ant Attack

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    Mame4all Any Help Much Appreciated

    sent you a message wink. wink..
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    Gp2x Dying, Please Help!

    duracell 2650 mah or great...
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    Knight Lore

    if you like knightlore check out batman by ocean click the link for info and pictures..its was a great game back in the day...
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    A Half Baked Idea

    i was thinking of all the games \ emulators for the gp2x that where started and not finished for various reasons and was thinking if the original coders could upload there unfinished forgotten projects for others to pick up there work and have a go at finishing it... just a thought ... :rolleyes:
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    Pool Panic

    wow im downloading now ..cant wait..
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    Gp2x Power Supply Mod

    a charger for a mobil phone any good ?
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    Vectrex Emulation?

    i hope someone grabs and runs with this...i cant believe i have been waiting for 2 yrs....
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    A Nice New Game

    heres a nice game i found and would be a great game on the gp2x .
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    Gp2x Power Supply Mod

    paint it black and use double sided sticky tape to attach it to the back of the
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    Thumb Problems (ergonomics)

    i just crack all my knuckles..even my neck needs violently shaken from side to side to get rid of the (upper mid 30's) is not