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    Arcade Cabinet for Android Tablets?

    Icade works fine with mame4all on android
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    Release Starcraft

    Is this Pandora specific, or could this now be used as a base to port Starcraft to other arm devices?  Pyra, Android, etc?
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    [Multichoice poll] What colour should the Pyra's case be?

    Outside I would like either black or a deep blue.  I would like to see the aluminum finish from the (defunct) iControlpad2 make a return on the Pyra keyboard though.  It would look sharp opening it with a regular finish and would make the keyboard jump out.
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    Winners of the Compo

    Congrats to the winners and all the people who competed.
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    Release Starcraft

    Wow, I really wasn't expecting this.  I was more of a C and C guy than Starcraft, but with that said this is definately getting slapped on my Pandora. That would be godlike.  I use the PS1 version of Diablo to get my fix when I'm on my Pandora, but D2 on it would be insanity.
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    Un-Brick the design.

    I like the clamshell.  I wouldnt mind a curved back and curved upper corners to make it a little more comfortable to hold.
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    Should Pyra have a Camera?

    Won't the only design wise things be where to put the camera and where to run the power and data wires?  The cheapest and easiest way would be to put the camera either beside or above the LCD, have a spot for the camera in the mold, then run the wires through the hinge, perhaps on the same trail...
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    Use X-Stylus Crayon as the Pyras stylus?

    Hmm, so far neither of mine have broken yet, although I don't use my stylus all the time.
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    Which distro

    Why not just stick with Angstrom?  It's worked fine on Pandora, and has a small footprint.
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    E-ink Screen

    I like the idea but my concerns would be... 1.  Cost.  Pyra is already going to be a rather expensive device.  A custom e-ink screen would drive it up even further. 2.  Usability.  I would use it simply for e-books and to have a pretty picture on the lid of my Pyra.  However, the system would...
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    Should Pyra have a Camera?

    I gotta say yes, especially since I plan on replacing my phone with a Pyra.  Either both a forward and rear facing camera or a single camera that can rotate, whichever would be cheaper to make.  So many uses on Pyra for a cheap camera, such as basic video conferencing.  Also, I don't think it...
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    Use X-Stylus Crayon as the Pyras stylus?

    This may seem a minor thing, but the only other discussion I have seen on a stylus has been a headset that doubles as a stylus.  It seems to me something like that would cause a large increase in the cost of a Pyra, and should be an optional accessory. For a basic built in stylus, a lot of...
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    Raspberry Pi in Pandora case? (defective board)

    Another major issue is what to do about your keyboard and buttons.  The contacts are not on a seperate board, but on the Pandora PCB.  Without it, you have nothing but a rubber keymat. Honestly I think you would be better off designing your own case and 3-D printing it.  Something that could...
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    MultiDosgames Qemu PND,ready to play "Entry Project"

    Not launching on CC Pandora. Tried with a swapfile to see if memory was an issue, but it immediately kicks me back to minimenu after I try to launch.
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    Raspberry Pi in Pandora case? (defective board)

    Now this would be a cool idea.
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    Battery battery?

    Also, they make small rechargeable batter boxes that plug into a mini or micro USB charging port.  I'm sure one of these would work for the Pyra, as it also works in a pinch for my Pandora, at least giving it an extra 25 to 30 percent charge.
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    [poll: vote now!1!!] 3G paranoia: Discussing solutions

    I have faith in the community that first of all, none of our devs would create a nefarious app that would take advantage of 3G, and if someone did, it would be discovered and pulled rather quickly.  I for one can't wait for Pyra and 3G is a huge plus in my book.  My hopes are to pick up a SIM...
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    Repair or upgrade?

    My CC Pandora has developed a few minor issues, the purple screen tint (if the lid is not fully upright), and the case has a small crack on the upper lid.  I priced a new case at about 40 dollars shipped, but noticed the upgrade option can be done for under 100, which would up my RAM to 512 MB...
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    Open Pandora Classic with accessories

    And cancelling, decided to keep the old girl and wait on Pyra instead of picking up a 1 GHZ.  Trying to get ahold of Link or ED to see how much a little work done to my unit would set me back.
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    Pandora parts on DragonBox

    I am a bit confused on this as well.  I really need to order a new case, LCD cable, and an official charging adaptor to make a few tweaks to my CC unit, but couldnt figure out how much the price was gonna be, so I am holding off til I know for sure.