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  1. surt

    Pandora Console $200Au Plus Postage

    Why don't you use you mad electronics skills to fix it and sell it for a higher price? :D
  2. surt

    space exploration/trading game?

    No, but there's this:
  3. surt

    Booting To Sd
  4. surt

    Humble Indie Bundle

    DirectX and non-Free license so I wouldn't hold out much hope for it.
  5. surt

    Aquaria Port - Compiled, Linked, Almost launching! - Any Help?

    Curious, is this based on the iOS port, using NanoGL, manually translated to ES, or other? Can't wait to play it again on Pandora.
  6. surt


    If you're running Gimp from the PND then that seems to be the norm. Only seems to support XCF. If you're running Angstrom off of SD then you should have space to install Gimp from the repo, which has all the usual image formats available to it.
  7. surt

    About Replacement Styli

    Ah, damnit, didn't realize it was a different product.
  8. surt

    About Replacement Styli

    It looks like it's still a go here. Like you I didn't have much interest in it for *DS* but if it fits the pandora nicely then it's well worth supporting.
  9. surt

    Computer/electronics names!

    Named after the Norse worlds: Yggdrasil - router Asgard - desktop Midgard - netbook Muspelheim - Pandora Niflheim - phone
  10. surt not showing correctly in default Midora browser

    Apps renders nicely for me now in Midori 0.2.9, but has problems with other sites. Suck because I find Midori has the most touch-friendly interface of the browsers.
  11. surt

    HF5 shouldn't have removed Pidgin.

    You can always reinstall pidgin from the angstrom repo, so long as you've got enough free space on NAND (no idea how much that would be though). sudo opkg install pidgin
  12. surt

    Dark Forces Launcher?

    DarkXL might be a possibility, but I doubt it's OpenGL ES based, so it'd probably be a good chunk of work.
  13. surt

    Release Pandora SD Installer

    Muspelheim:~$ sudo fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0 Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 32.3 GB, 32296140800 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 3926 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x3bb6d1fa Device Boot...
  14. surt

    Switch To Mass Storage Mode Automatically

    Dingoo mounts NAND and SD at the same time. Are you suggesting Dingoo is better than Pandora? :P
  15. surt

    is no longer waiting.

    is no longer waiting.
  16. surt

    is no longer waiting.

    is no longer waiting.
  17. surt

    Switch To Mass Storage Mode Automatically

    Yes, also would be nice to mount both SDs at once.
  18. surt

    Release Pandora SD Installer

    It keeps barfing for me when trying to install with a swap partition. Pandora hotfix 5, installing to 32GB card in left slot, 20930MB vfat, 512MB swap, latest firmware. I get an error dialog saying: "Error: could not format swap partition: /dev/mmcblk1p3: No such file or directory" (Isn't...
  19. surt

    Name the Pandora 2

  20. surt

    Name the Pandora 2