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    Will Overclocking Wreck My Pandora?

    Note that I didn't say 'transistor=switch' is completely invalid; at some level a transistor does look like a switch. But only if you're thinking of an 'ideal' switch; once you try and make the comparison with a physical switch and the failure modes associated with it does everything go pear-shaped.
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    Will Overclocking Wreck My Pandora?

    All analogies break down at some point, but they need to be at least *partially* valid. Not even at it's most basic and abstract does the 'transistor=mechanical switch' analogy line up with reality, and it can't be used to give a worthwhile prediction of failure cause or timeline or preservation...
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    Will Overclocking Wreck My Pandora?

    Speaking as an EE: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO Anyway, these 'can I kill my X by overclocking' show up periodically on any mobile device forum. In theory it could happen. But I've yet to hear of any *actual* instances of processor failure like this occurring, ever.
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    Aussie Pandoras

    I'm in Brisbane and still waiting. Don't know where I am in the queue, but I did order in the first week.
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    The Reality Of Dead Pixels, Soft Or Inconsistently Registering Buttons

    A stuck pixel on the Pandora won't be as big a problem as you might expect; the screen has a much higher DPI than most LCD's you get on laptops or desktops (or handhelds) and so each pixel is surprisingly tiny. My zaurus has a stuck-on blue subpixel and it's almost impossible to detect unless...
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    Wait What?

    I think that depends on your delivery guy. I used to have packages left at my door all the time at my old apartment, but at my current one I only get notifications. Still, it's better than the delivery guy at my parents house - he never seemed to deliver packages OR notifications, and we'd only...
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    Rca (Composite) Input

    Not true. The capture card has fairly low latency, it's the PVR software that puts the delay in (as it records to disk and then plays from that.) Try using your capture card with xawtv or similar instead and see the difference.
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    Oh ffs. You don't buy a device because of the little bit of paint it has on the surface. If that's all you care about then cancel your order and buy your damn wii and 360 back again. There are people out there who actually want their Pandora to use. I also find it extremely hilarious that...
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    Bluetooth Works, But I Need Some Help :)

    Tethered mobile phones CAN NOT talk to modems. They *look* like modems to your computer, but they directly talk to the carrier network. You can only connect to your carrier's data service (which has a magic phone number) and to no other.
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    Bluetooth Works, But I Need Some Help :)

    Nope, you don't need any extra software on the 3120c. You set up an rfcomm serial connection to the phone, then have PPP connect to it as if it was a modem. There are more than a few tutorials available on the net.
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    Closed Source Ports

    No, the three hundred previous Skype threads completely forgot. *sigh* Don't hold your breath for it.
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    Pandora Quite Realistic Chance To Have About 400Mb Of Ram In Pandora

    I didn't gravedig this, it was in my "New Content" list! ...ah, looks like whoever did gravedig it deleted their post. :S
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    Stolen Riff?

    Yeah, and isn't it funny that "Acid Jazzed Evening" has an identical melody to "Just The Two Of Us"?
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    Pandora Quite Realistic Chance To Have About 400Mb Of Ram In Pandora

    Wow, they're bothering to do this again? I remember this tech from fifteen-odd years ago... good old RamDoubler.
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    Battery Replacements After The Apocalypse

    They'll deteriorate anyway. You can't avoid it, you can only pick the conditions where it is slowed down. OP's been around for a couple of years without actually releasing the Pandora; I bloody well expect them to be around for at least a few years afterwards. In any case, as long as craigix...
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    Pandora Batter - Life Span (Charge/cycle = %)

    Hahahahaha. No. Especially since I used to use the wifi card without power saving on.
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    So Was The New Case Sent? Where Are The Factory Photos?

    That would surprise me; there's half a gig of nand flash in there, which is a stonking great amount of room if you exercise a little care. Of course, you'll still hit it pretty easily if you just go nuts installing any old thing - certain packages are quite large.
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    Pandora Batter - Life Span (Charge/cycle = %)

    I wouldn't worry much; battery capacity doesn't drop *that* much in storage (and never fear, OP won't be storing them on a car dashboard in the sun.) The Pandora will be an especially good place for the battery too - since it doesn't get anywhere near as hot as a laptop, the batteries will last...
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    The Definative Must Have Playstation Games Thread

    Vibribbon! (I used to love posting this just to watch emulator authors go pale :D That said, I'd love to play this portably)
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    Actually the source is available on sourceforge - the svn link is at the bottom of the downloads page.