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  1. Gregor

    Chroots? (Or Mr Rob's goes insane)

    A chroot is waaay too heavyweight for that sort of thing. You just want a tool to drag in all the dynamic dependencies that aren't already present on the Pandora.
  2. Gregor


    /me randomly wanders into the thread. I wonder if browser-based games need background music ...
  3. Gregor

    porting xxxterm and running into a brick wall...

    It's a problem with libwebkitgtk. You compiled it with a version of g++ newer than the one available on the Pandora. The quickest workaround would be to include the (or .whatever) it's compiled against in the PND, and make sure that the actual binary gets run with LD_LIBRARY_PATH...
  4. Gregor

    Wow! Doom is legal in Germany

    "Both titles were previously indexed by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM), which placed the games in the same commercially restrictive category as porn." So ... porn is illegal in Germany? I think maybe "illegal" is an overstatement.
  5. Gregor

    True/False: List of Pandora Statements

    To clarify the "386-type games" bit, there's a flowchart describing what can and cannot be ported to the Pandora. One of the questions is if it can run on a Pentium (or was it Pentium-II? Pentium Pro?) with 128MB of memory. That question is not a fair indication of the Pandora's capabilities...
  6. Gregor

    It It Ok To Take the Pandora onto an International Flight

    Such a bizarre question. I have been on SO MANY flights with this thing. At least six international flights, plus a bunch of domestics.
  7. Gregor


    Which firmware version are you running?
  8. Gregor

    A Brief history of Roms and Bios Legality?

    (IANAL, of course) Due to some nonsense in history, software and hardware are protected by a different set of rules and regulations. Software is protected by copyright, the same mechanism that protects written works, works of art, film, music etc. Copyright is exactly what it sounds like: The...
  9. Gregor

    Anybody looking for game background music?

    (Just as an FYI to anybody who thought I may have posted this but then not responded, I'm responding in PM)
  10. Gregor

    Anybody looking for game background music?

    I've decided that I'm wholly incapable of the overarching managerial tasks required to make a game for the Pandora, and that frankly I don't want to invest the effort writing so much code when code is what I do all day anyway. So instead, I wonder if anybody's looking for someone to write...
  11. Gregor


    Unfortunately, for the time being if it fails during the installation of base packages, it's not easily recoverable. The problem is that debootstrap running on a partially-debootstrapped directory tends to have weird behavior, and determining what state it's in isn't easy. If you make it to /any...
  12. Gregor


    To my recollection (sorry, it's been a while since I've done a full install X-D ) that's not the end, the window will close itself when it's done. I should clean up the "UI" a bit I suppose. Of course, when the UI is just a bunch of zenity windows, cleanup isn't easy :) EDIT: Nope, that was...
  13. Gregor


    If the process was aborted before it finished installing all the basic packages, then the update won't be able to correct the system (and in fact may not be able to determine that it's incorrect in the first place); the basic installation must be allowed to complete in one sitting.
  14. Gregor


    That's pretty bizarre. I won't be able to check on that 'til this evening as I'm at work, but that's far enough in the process that the update install ought to work once I figure out what's wrong, so don't worry, you shouldn't need a full reinstall :)
  15. Gregor


    Wow, on squeeze? That's odd. I figured maybe sid would have weird behavior, and I haven't yet tried wheezy, but squeeze? If it fails (or freezes) again, can you tell me the rest of the details (loopback or direct, space allocated)
  16. Gregor


    Well, that depends ... how long is "a while"? Unfortunately it's not particularly robust to failure right now, but this sort of thing ought to resolve itself in time. If it isn't fixed by now though, not sure. What version did you install?
  17. Gregor

    Release public beta test

    Having just had my first experiences with the repo, here's what I'd like to see (with apologies if any of this has already been requested): "Pretty" URLs for permalinks, such as , rather than...
  18. Gregor


    Although I would really prefer not to modify the rootfs, I doubt that /var/run/ppp will be added to the hotfixes, there just isn't a good enough reason to do so and it would probably be a nasty hack. Luckily though, where there's a will, there's a way! I actually already have a link to...
  19. Gregor


    With a loopback file, however much space you make the loopback file take. With a direct install, however much space the Debian version you choose to install takes, which is variable on the order of 1GB. Yup. That's the main reason for loopback support :) I've never tried with an install to...
  20. Gregor


    (If you're still reading this thread, having this issue or even remember this is here :P ) This is odd. I don't think it has anything to do with PanDebian, it's probably a problem with the card or network cutting out when bandwidth gets too high. Not sure if there's anything I can do about...