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    What's Wrong With My Math, Here?

    for the love of all that is good and holy the psp is kicking the ds's arse all over the world outside of japan. get an idea of what you're trying to refer to before you go spouting off utter crap fucking moron
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    The One & Only I've Got My Nintendo Ds Lite Thread

    i find it quite pleasing not sure if i prefer it to the white or not
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    The One & Only I've Got My Nintendo Ds Lite Thread

    i very very very very much doubt that this is the case you'll get more credit at the moment for an old style DS but it is madness to think that this will remain when the lite is released
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    The Best Feeling In The World

    the fourth pint or the final glass of the bottle of wine, at the point where you just know the night is going to go nicely, regardless hearing a great piece of music girls
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    What Would Be The Game Of 2006 For You?

    the new super mario bros may cause me to buy a DS lite
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    Considering My Psp For Sale

    i had a very similar package (was a 1gb stick but also had three games on UMD) go for £210 on ebay. if you're not gonna sell via auction i think the best you can hope for is £180 considering a giga pack can be had new for about that much if you look around.
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    Lylat Wars Goldeneye Perfect Dark ISS64 Mario Party Smash Brothers
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    Do You Horde Roms?

    shut the hell up cocknose
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    What Digicam Should I Buy?

    why do you need it to be 7mp? i'm asking out of interest, do you do a photography course or somesuch? i've never really seen the benefit of more than 3 or 4 for most photography needs.
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    Signature Gathering For New Sega System

    go go internet pointlessness
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    Run Windowed

    F**K IFF
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    I Got A Free Album

    placebo under rated decent bristish rock
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    Is It Just Me Or ...

    dude, you're like six years ahead of yourself, if you wanted her to be able to post at sixteen you should have signed her up the first time you ejaculated. LOL MEANINGLESS COMMENT
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    What Concerts Are You Guys Going To See This Year

    been a reading going for the past three years, usually average about four to six big gigs a year and then whatever is going on locally. this year i'll be heading to either a huge music festival in europe somewhere (i forget what it's called) or back to reading. i'll also be heading to london...
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    Who Is Your Current Favorite Forumer & Why?

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    Who Is Your Current Favorite Forumer & Why?

    meaningless comment
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    Who Is Your Current Favorite Forumer & Why?

    where did i imply that i believed that you thought you looked cool and tough? you make a judgement against me (that i am a retard) based on the assumption you make that i think you would do such a thing to look cool. i could see your lard arse fat boy features in any context and still believe...
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    Who Is Your Current Favorite Forumer & Why?

    dude you look like a retard
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    Who Is Your Current Favorite Forumer & Why?

    CIRCLEJERK!!! f orgeting the truth a bout everything p artially works