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    NVIDIA Jetson TK1 development kit $192

    I would have already picked one of these up if I wasn't buying the new Samsung Chromebook 2 that's coming out in a few weeks. I <3 ARM.
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    [poll; updated] eMMC vs. uSD; modular eMMC

    I think internal eMMC would be optimal (or internal mSATA. A guy can dream right?). Since the internal eMMC is the boot drive it should be as fast as possible. In theory, you wouldn't be putting large programs (firefox, office suite, your ROM collections) on internal eMMC, rather those should go...
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    Overview of SoC options

    So I'm biased since I interned for Qualcomm last summer and will be doing so again this summer, but here's what I think: Qualcomm is a great company to work with. It's also a big company to work with, and with big comes complex IP law. Qualcomm makes most of its money off of IP licensing, and...
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    SoC: Back and forth!

    So I'm none of the people that you mentioned, but I can shed some light on the chipsets and emulation. If you want to see how various chipsets perform on various emulators then user reported statistics should be fairly available online. My Nexus 5 plays everything through N64 just fine. Haven't...
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    FOSDEM report?

    IMO, it's not the ideal SOC as far as performance goes (the new Tegra chip or a Snapdragon 800 would have  fair amount more raw power), but it's the most feasible by far, and it's still a fairly powerful chipset. I'm a bit skeptical still, though, because TI is winding down its OMAP line. I hope...
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    Future DraStic Android port: help needed

    Yay! I was happy to help.
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    Future DraStic Android port: help needed

    Congratulations on the release! I'll be grabbing this for my Nexus 7 (2013 model) soon. I took a look through some of the reviews. Gotta love the 1 stars... 
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    Dolphin Mobile reaches v0.9

    I just picked up the new nexus 7 and it's smooth as butter. I'll have to try out dolphin on it once I get my build environment set up.
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    Strider HD

    I saw the reveal of this at comic con yesterday. It's a new game that kind of starts off where the original left off. Looks fairly interesting, but it's not my preferred genre of game.
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    possible soc updates.

    You're forgetting about overhead. 5000-10000 chips may seem like a lot, but it hardly is. A chip company can't just send the wafers off and call it a deal. There's support (which is a huge portion), manufacturing, coordination, making the contract go through, etc. All of these take time and...
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    possible soc updates.

    Ahem. Our 8974s (The 800 line)  either match or win out of A15 and Apple cores in many CPU benchmarks and get the highest FPS by quite a longshot in all of Anandtech's benchmarks. See...
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    An idea pool for features that intends for professionals

    How is that not the main problem? Without an emulator hardware specs are moot.  Technology is rapidly improving. PCSX2 coming to mobile is, as far as anyone can tell, not.
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    An idea pool for features that intends for professionals

    Of course it's not. The main problem is that PCSX2 doesnt and probably wont exist on ARM in the near future (or ever). I just don't like it when people spread completely wrong information.
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    An idea pool for features that intends for professionals

    Whoa whoa whoa. 256 mb of RAM is NOT enough to emulate the PS2. 512 is pushing it. Air (aka Jake Stine) wrote up a fantastic blog post about the memory requirements that PCSX2 has. You can view it here: It's quite difficult to...
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    Snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4 powered..?

    I might be a bit biased since I work for Qualcomm, but Snapdragon all the way. Unless you use the tablet purely for CPU and GPU intensive tasks I doubt you'd notice a difference (if the Tegra 4 is faster. 5 minutes of surfing the web and I haven't found any definitive sources saying it is).  The...
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    Best SoC for mobile devices (tablets)?

    No telephony means no use for my department. If I was a higher up in the business department I'd suggest it, but I'm at the bottom of the totem pole a different department. (I don't work on any of our chips at all)
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    Best SoC for mobile devices (tablets)?

    If only :( Unfortunately I'm just a lowly engineer in an unrelated division.
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    Best SoC for mobile devices (tablets)?

    Snapdragon by far. But I'm biased since I'm a Qualcomm employee  :wub:
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    WANTED- Pandora 1GHz- Will trade

    It's nice to see a face from ASSEMbler on these parts of the web. Good luck with the sales! If your friend wants to part with the N64 development unit let me know  :)
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    What CPU would you like to see?

    Pandaboard is for development. The pandaboard is OMAP4, OMAP5 is already sampling, and by the time the P2 comes around they'd be able to get OMAP5 based SOCs