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    Abduction 2

    Thankyou :) and thanks for trying that. Have looked on every PC, memory-stick, etc that I have and cannot find the source code :( Will endeavour to recreate it from scratch...... may take a little while. EDIT: Just out of interest I now have the tile-engine running (better than before) and the...
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    Abduction 2

    Can't think of any reason why this shouldn't work on your firmware... does my original Abduction work? And thanks Manjuu - will try to piece together some of the code again as I had a lot of plans for this... and yeah, it currently runs as fast as possible - no loop timing control :)
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    Abduction 2

    Thanks for the feedback.. weird as it runs on my f100-gp2x (I'm using open2x v0.10-test4, but that shouldn't have any benefit...). Anyone else have any comments?
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    Abduction 2

    Hi, Well thought this could be of some interest to someone somewhere and there's not much GP2X traffic any more so thought I'd release an executable of 'Abduction 2' (can't do any harm). This was to be a follow-on to 'Abduction' but be a cross between oids, defender and asteroids ... (it...
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    You Wont Believe It, I Still Don't

    Amazing .. and good to know :)
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    GP2X Is It Too Late For A Game On Gp2X?

    I'm also working on another game; currently looks like a follow-up to my previous one, but that could change (things usually do)... Just had a look at my hard-drive and I've lost the lot :angry: - I use virtualbox to run linux under vista and looks like I used an old snapshot at some point and...
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    Hoped For The Best, Feared The Worst, Got Something Inbetween

    Looks good - you're nearly nearly there guys :) Getting a little jealous now. Love the microwave turntable use in the video!
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    Release Date

    Seem to remember the same questions being asked last year ;) IMHO I reckon, despite the flurry of activity, that it will be some time in the new year... It's easy to get any development to 99% complete. Still it _will_ happen but it just requires that little bit more patience.
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    is coding 'Abduction;Retrieval (Abduction 2) for gp2x..

    is coding 'Abduction;Retrieval (Abduction 2) for gp2x..
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    is coding 'Abduction;Retrieval (Abduction 2) for gp2x..

    is coding 'Abduction;Retrieval (Abduction 2) for gp2x..
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    The Gp2X Hack 2X Model Is Complete!

    Words fail me - stunning work is all I can say!! I'd love one :)
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    Still Playing My Gp2X

    I'm still coding (virtually) daily for the gp2x; hope to finish the current project by the end of the summer... although the aim of the game changes often.. Have written a new tile engine and am using that and will use that more in the future (probably gp2x still - as for the Atari STe, I think...
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    Pocket Gamer Reviews Wiz

    Mmm.. read reviews of the Wiz & the Dingoo.. Surprised to see neither are huge steps forward from the gp2x.. (guess blitter not yet used on Wiz?) Think I'll be sticking with my gp2x until (maybe) the pandora or future devices are released; shame.
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    Thanks Alot For The Lousy "upgrade"!

    No problem Clare, there probably are other threads mentioning this, but there's just too many sections now to find anything :( And yeah, Hando has always done a great job in my opinion supplying & supporting this, but it's good that people care enough to comment. If I wasn't still devving on...
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    Thanks Alot For The Lousy "upgrade"!

    Errr ... no it doesn't - at least not for me; it just takes me to the main forum page... I mean the links under "Latest posts from the coolest ;) GP2X Wiz, Pandora, GP2X, Dingoo A320,GP32 Discussion Board" in the main dark beige box in the middle. EDIT: Actually hitting CTRL and - in firefox...
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    Thanks Alot For The Lousy "upgrade"!

    That front-page link issue is well annoying! I preferred the old format - although I guess this one has more fancy bits on it... Also there are two many sub-forums now (too many devices supported?) and everyone's now too dispersed :( I would prefer one 'general discussion' forum (a central...
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    The New Forum Look

    I like the look, although the new forum (to me) has got too large and unwieldy - too many devices supported, so I struggle to find anything any more :(
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    *new World Record* I Managed To Lose My Wiz Already!

    Maybe not what you want to hear, but if you get a new Wiz can I buy your USB cable off of you? Mmmm... very suspicious - has exophase been to holidaying in belgium recently? :)
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    Who Still Uses Their Gp2x Now That Wiz Is Here?

    I agree with you. The move to 3d games marked the end of my interest in games. The graphics are starting to get good, but at the time it was a step backwards in graphics and the control is difficult. I realize that many, many other gamers don't feel the same way but you can't force yourself to...