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  1. FelixNemis

    Anyone wanna analyze my spriting?

    Outlines can go a long way for readability in an actual game, especially with a limited color pallet. Most of the time you dont need outlines inside of a sprite though, save them for when you want to emphasize the separation of two elements. Removing them can also give you a lot more room for...
  2. FelixNemis

    Open Tyrian

    That's exactly what it is, I noticed disabling the gamepad with pyrainputctl fixes it
  3. FelixNemis

    What have you bought recently?

    My moto x4 has been dying a slow painful death for the past 3 or so months, and I needed a new, preferably better phone for around 300 bucks since I think spending much more than that isn't worth it for the kinds of things I use a phone for. Oh and I need it to be small, I would get a phone with...
  4. FelixNemis

    Release Ducktape mGBA fullspeed GBA/GB emulator (no proper GUI)

    The repo version is the same, yeah. I tried out some GBA games already so I wasn't worried, let me know how your testing goes though.
  5. FelixNemis

    Release Ducktape mGBA fullspeed GBA/GB emulator (no proper GUI)

    Yeah mainly wanted to make sure it actually launched for other people before uploading to the repo. It's up now :)
  6. FelixNemis

    Release Ducktape mGBA fullspeed GBA/GB emulator (no proper GUI)

    Ok, since it's confirmed working for other people I'm removing the beta tag and I'll put it on the repo too
  7. FelixNemis

    Release Ducktape mGBA fullspeed GBA/GB emulator (no proper GUI)

    Ok here's a working build of mGBA. Now on the repo: Notes Esc quits the emu mGBA should be able to use GLES2 but I couldn't get it to so this is using gl4es, runs pretty good though. Didn't build the qt GUI, but I made a zenity launcher script that should...
  8. FelixNemis

    Interactive Fiction/Digital Story Library

    I've played around with Twine and Inform 7 before, I'd like to get back into it sometime and I need more writing practice so maybe I can get two birds with one suitably heavy object
  9. FelixNemis

    NES emulator for pyra

    I think nestopia does upscaling with GL, it has a few different filters it can use
  10. FelixNemis

    NES emulator for pyra

    Yeah we're still waiting on someone who at least half knows what they're doing to get some good emulator ports running. I was playing with the nestopia-UE source today, I compiled it just fine and it fails to run with gl4es just like the version on the deb repo. I did actually get it to run...
  11. FelixNemis

    Emulating at a reasonable speed

    Specifically, put them in a dragonbox/packages/ folder on an sd card
  12. FelixNemis

    Pyrainput (FunKeyMonkey plugin + pyrainputctl) design

    Probably less of a priority, but do you think you can make the speed of scroll events from the nub configurable? It sends them really fast atm
  13. FelixNemis

    Emulating at a reasonable speed

    Some of those emulators will be running slow because they're using the non-hardware-accelerated openGL driver. One way to get around this is to use gl4es which can translate openGL -> GLES so that it can use the actual GPU driver. It wont just work with everything but its pretty good, but for...
  14. FelixNemis

    Basic Linux Questions for New Pyra Owners and Others

    I've been trying to figure this out as well. As far as I can tell the issue is fat SD cards are mounted by udisks2 with the "showexec" option which only gives executable permissions to files with .exe or .com or something dumb like that following directions on here...
  15. FelixNemis

    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    I hope the Pyra gets something like master control for the pandora, so you can use it as a bluetooth keyboard/mouse
  16. FelixNemis

    It's Electrifying! (Split)

    There are 240v sockets but they're shaped different, all the normal outlets are 120v only
  17. FelixNemis

    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Try installing libqt5sql5 I think I remember that not already being installed on mine
  18. FelixNemis

    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Ok I misread those error messages, needed to install libminizip1 to run zipped roms. Mario 64 running good but the colors looked off and lots of z fighting haven't changed any settings yet
  19. FelixNemis

    Beta Mupen64Plus

    File select dialog is completely broken for me, can't navigate to SD cards at all, any time it's closed it freezes instead and leaves SD card in a locked state. So I can't open a rom or set a ROM directory Edit: got around the file dialog by putting some roms in a directory in my home and...
  20. FelixNemis

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    Yes, the one that looks like two ports squished together